Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crib Boot Camp

We came home from the beach late Sunday night and decided to kick baby boot camp into high gear. The babies hadn't really been sleeping in their crib much during naps and were still in the bassinet at night. I was a little nervous how this might go with me going back to work at the same time. But I knew a part of why they were still in the bassinet was me. I just wanted my babies as close to me for as long as possible. I loved being able to look over into the bassinet anytime I wanted to touch or see them. It was also pretty nice to just pick them up when nursing and not have to get out of bed.

However, we noticed a real change in the babies while we were gone. They were going right down at bedtime without any fussing and they were sleeping so much better. Not quite through the night but pretty close. I knew I had to make the transition before it became harder on me and them.

So, Monday night we did our usual evening routine of getting them ready for bed, nursing, swaddling, and then we laid them in the crib together with their pacifiers and lovey's. Let's just say they did AMAZING! It was way harder on me than it was on them. They went down about 10pm and slept until almost 5am before they were ready for a feeding!!! I only had to get up once to give Grayson his paci back. I'm not gonna lie, I spent a lot of the night looking at the monitor...for no reason at all. I am thoroughly impressed by my little beans. They did equally as well at nap time. Looks like they were ready :) We have been going strong with this routine all week long without a hitch. Fingers crossed it keeps up because it seems too good to be true!

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