Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lot's of Firsts This Week

Not only did the babies make the transition from crib to bassinet this week, they had a few other firsts. I left them for the first time to head back to work. Thank goodness for my mom or it would have been a nightmare.

With their improving neck and standing skills I tried them in the exersaucer. Avery loves it and will spend a good amount of time before getting fussy. Grayson enjoys it but not nearly as long as his sister. Both babies have figured out how to make it play music which is pretty cool for 4/2 months!

They also truly noticed each other this week. My mom and Annette had them sitting facing each other and they were staring in awe and letting out the biggest smiles back and forth. It was so cool!!! It got me really excited for the thought that they will have so much fun with each other in the near future.

Last but certainly not least Grayson has really gotten a hold of his fingers. I knew from the start he was going to be a finger or thumb sucker. In the past week I think he has decided it will be two fingers. Thank goodness he doesn't have them flipped the way his mama did or we would be in for some expensive dental work. He still loves his paci but no matter how I try he seems to find those fingers!

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