Wednesday, December 28, 2011

26 Weeks

Not a whole lot of change going on this week. I am continuing to grow by the minute but I have a feeling that will continue until I deliver these babies. I've noticed in the last day or so an increase in the activity. Not only can I feel them, but I can pretty much tell you when there is about to be a large movement. It's exciting because now I know when to tell others to feel my belly. I am also beginning to discern little movements from feet and other body parts. If I smush on my belly where I think Avery's foot is, it's no longer a thump but a movement across my belly. It's really quite neat. I can only imagine what that will be like in the coming weeks as they grow larger and become more cramped in there.

I forgot to post the incredible 4D picture we got last week of Grayson's sweet little face. Avery decided she wasn't ready to show hers. I couldn't believe how much he looks like a little baby already. I know I am biased but gosh he is so darn precious!

We had a nice Christmas. My parents and sister came to us this year. I just wasn't up for all of the travels and with Christmas falling on a Sunday that didn't leave a lot of time to get around and see everyone. I am hoping this is the last "cramped" Christmas as it was quite claustrophobic in my little house with 5 people and two dogs :) We got my parents a sweet little puppy for Christmas. Her name is Lucy and she is a boxer just like our first baby Ellie. The two of them are inseparable and quite cute I might add. My parents were completely shocked and excited to receive such a special gift.

Precious little Lucy

The inseperable Lucy and Ellie cuddled up together

Speaking of gifts, even though Avery and Grayson aren't exactly here yet, they received a few special gifts. It was exciting to begin thinking about them and what Christmas will be like next year with two 9 month olds. It still boggles my mind to think I will have two babies in a few short months.

My sister, mom and I continued working on special touches for the nursery. I will post soon on those updates. It has been so much fun to be such a part of their nursery and truly make it theirs!


26 week Belly Shot :0

Monday, December 19, 2011

Names are official!!!

I just realized I never actually announced our sweet babies names. Well it's official...

Avery Britt Hatcher & Grayson Everett Hatcher

We couldn't be more excited to finally have names associated with these sweet beans. I love being able to finally call them by their names!

25 Weeks

The weeks are still flying by as they have been throughout this entire pregnancy. We've been incredibly a good way. Last weekend we attended Marvelous Multiples birthing class. I'd have to say I'm glad we went but it wasn't as informative as I was hoping. It was nice to hear more on the specifics relating to multiples birth, bringing home multiples, possible NICU stay and other details relating specifically to the high risk aspects. On the other hand I realized they break the classes up into multiple sessions you can sign up for (breathing class, hospital tour, daddy class, etc) to try and get you to sign up for as many as possible and pay for them all separately. All in all it was a good class and we've knocked another item off our to do list.

We received the rocker and baby mattresses last week so now the nursery is fully equipped with all major furniture. I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to fly and before we know it we will be exploding in baby stuff! I can't wait for the baby showers.

As I've said before I am really feeling Avery kick all the time! I have begun to feel Grayson kick a lot more but it is still significantly less than the times I feel Avery. Last night while laying on the couch I realized my belly was literally moving (rolling motions under the skin) on Avery's side. I told Kevin to look and he was even able to see it. It was the craziest thing. He was a little freaked out but loved that he got the chance to see it. I have a feeling this will get even more pronounced in the coming weeks.

My sister flew in this past weekend for over two weeks! We have lots of plans and I can't wait to spend so much time with her. She is going to make the babies bumpers, crib skirts, and curtains. We also plan on making cookies and completing a few other fun projects for the babies. Our parents will be arriving Thursday at which time we will be giving them a big surprise Christmas present. We can't wait! More to come on that. Devin will even get to come with my to my next doctors appointments to check up on and see the babies. With her living so far away I am happy she will be a part of this and get to really see the babies!

I've hit the 25 week mark. With that comes quite the belly...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving times 3

Kevin and I have so many wonderful family members that we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving three times this year. No complaints coming from the pregnant lady!

We started with the Sutton (Kevin's moms side of the family) Thanksgiving in Richmond

We spent actual Thanksgiving day with my family in Madison, NC.

Then we moved on to Lake Euwharie, NC to celebrate with the Hatchers (Kevin's dads side of the family).


In mid November Kevin and I took what could be considered our "BabyMoon". We took our final trip before babies. My sister lives in Seattle and we knew it would be pretty difficult to get out there as a family of four. Kevin has never been to Seattle so we were pretty excited for this trip. We got the chance to spend lots of quality time with my sister and her boyfriend Dwayne. We went sight seeing, played games, ate at yummy local places, found a little time to relax and even made a day trip to Portland to visit Kevin's cousin Suzanne and her family. One of my favorite places to visit was Public Market where I got the best trail mix made of different kinds of cherries, cranberries and nuts (yummm).

This is a near sculpture near my sisters house. It's under a bridge and believe it or not that troll is holding a real VW bug.

We took a trip to the lox to see the salmon. Unfotunately there weren't many because one of the lox was closed down but it was still neat to see.

This was a stop on our beautiful trip to Portland.

We had the BEST time and were incredibly sad when the trip was over. Thanks to all of our hosts for a great time!