Wednesday, December 28, 2011

26 Weeks

Not a whole lot of change going on this week. I am continuing to grow by the minute but I have a feeling that will continue until I deliver these babies. I've noticed in the last day or so an increase in the activity. Not only can I feel them, but I can pretty much tell you when there is about to be a large movement. It's exciting because now I know when to tell others to feel my belly. I am also beginning to discern little movements from feet and other body parts. If I smush on my belly where I think Avery's foot is, it's no longer a thump but a movement across my belly. It's really quite neat. I can only imagine what that will be like in the coming weeks as they grow larger and become more cramped in there.

I forgot to post the incredible 4D picture we got last week of Grayson's sweet little face. Avery decided she wasn't ready to show hers. I couldn't believe how much he looks like a little baby already. I know I am biased but gosh he is so darn precious!

We had a nice Christmas. My parents and sister came to us this year. I just wasn't up for all of the travels and with Christmas falling on a Sunday that didn't leave a lot of time to get around and see everyone. I am hoping this is the last "cramped" Christmas as it was quite claustrophobic in my little house with 5 people and two dogs :) We got my parents a sweet little puppy for Christmas. Her name is Lucy and she is a boxer just like our first baby Ellie. The two of them are inseparable and quite cute I might add. My parents were completely shocked and excited to receive such a special gift.

Precious little Lucy

The inseperable Lucy and Ellie cuddled up together

Speaking of gifts, even though Avery and Grayson aren't exactly here yet, they received a few special gifts. It was exciting to begin thinking about them and what Christmas will be like next year with two 9 month olds. It still boggles my mind to think I will have two babies in a few short months.

My sister, mom and I continued working on special touches for the nursery. I will post soon on those updates. It has been so much fun to be such a part of their nursery and truly make it theirs!


26 week Belly Shot :0


  1. Bre you look AMAZING at 26 weeks...with TWINS! You are going to be such a great little momma. CONGRATS again, love!

  2. Awe thanks Katie! Ugh sure don't feel it some days. Especially now that I am growing by the minute! I love reading about how Landon has changed your life for the better. I can't wait to share in that experience.