Friday, May 25, 2012

3 months old

The babies turned 3 months on Saturday May 18th. Each month has brought new excitement to us. This month they started truly smiling with these great big adorable grins. I feel like we are constantly in their faces making ridiculous sounds and motions to get them to show us those sweet smiles. Sleep is pretty much the same. I am so eager for them to start lengthening the time before they wake to feed so that we can get closer to sleeping through the night, but I guess the babies just aren't ready. They go down around 11pm and wake between 2 and 3 am to feed. They will usually go right back to sleep and won't wake to feed again until 7 to  am. So it's really not that bad...I am just dying to get a 6 hour stretch of sleep. I feel like I haven't slept in months. Both babies are amazing at holding their little heads up. Avery seems to be a slight step ahead of Grayson. She loves to stand on her little legs while we hold her up. She also loves the floor mat and will hang there for at least 30 minutes some days. Grayson enjoys it but not nearly as long. They love their baths and changing table these days. Gone, I hope, are the days of them screaming through it. We also recently tested out the bumbo seat to see if the little beans could handle it. They both do extremely well. We need to get a second one soon because they both love it and will hang out in it for awhile happy as can be.They both still sleep in the swing and bouncy seat as well as in their car seats if we are on the go. I love that they are great at sleeping anywhere. Their new spot is sleeping on their tummy's (I know) in this little tent we got them. They absolutely love it and will sleep for hours. I usually set them up in it outside while I get a bit of work done. I am trying to get about 10 hours of work in a week. It's harder than it would seem...two babies and work do not mix. Most of the time I have to wait until Kevin gets home from work if they won't give me a long afternoon nap.

Kevin is still traveling to Richmond a few days a week which are by far my hardest days of the week. I cannot wait until he gets home. He is such a big help in the morning and at night that I miss him desperately when he is out of town.

I am still home for a few more weeks on maternity leave. I get anxiety thinking about leaving them. I know I need to start leaving them sporadically with Kevin to get myself used to it but I just can't do it. I love them so much I don't want to be without them. The babies will be's me I'm worried about.

Lots of Month 3 photos below...they were too cute to choose

Uh Oh

Not happy mom!

Okay now I'm happy :)


Seriously...are we done yet???

And...that's a wrap
 It's been another great month with these little beans in our life. Kevin and I couldn't be happier. We can't wait for what's ahead in month 4!

The Suttons Visit

This past weekend was quite busy. Kevin's moms side of the family (The Sutton's) came to visit. There were over 30 of us in all including, Kevin, me, Avery, Grayson, Kay, Austin, Rose Marie, Shawn, Sutton, Andrew, Jag, Darryl, Mary, Lois, Dick, Rick, Myra, Buddy, Kristen, Sandra, Jeff, Stephanie, Willie, Nicholas, Courtney, Granddady, June, and Shawn's parents and even my cousin Lucas who has been adopted to the Sutton family. Whew... A LOT!  Lucas actually came Wednesday through Sunday so we could celebrate his 22nd birthday and have a few more days with him.

For months we have been trying to find a time for them to all come and see the babies for the first time. In working with that many peoples schedules we couldn't get it together until this past weekend May 19th. They came from all over to see our sweet beans. We were so excited and couldn't wait for this visit so of course the weekend flew by in a flash. We spent Thursday night having dinner at Rose Marie's house with those that came in town early. Friday the rest of the family arrived and we had a barbecue at Darryl's house on his new patio with a fire pit. Saturday we spent all day at Rose Marie's so everyone could visit with the babies and then we headed to Darryl's house for an incredible meal. The Sutton's always have the best meals with their southern home cooking. The babies were wonderful and we were so sad to see everyone leave on Sunday. A few of them came by the house before hitting the road. We can't wait until we see them all again.
Great Granddaddy and Grayson relaxing

June and Avery

Gigi and Avery

Stephanie, William & the babies

Lois and Avery

One of many pictures of Lois with the babies

Rick and Avery

Lois and Grayson

Grayson taking a little nap

Jag and Grayson...he is SO good with the babies

The cousins...yes we are a bit special

Sandra and Grayson

Shawn and Avery

Grandaddy and both babies

Lucas and his second cousins

GiGi and Avery

So Sweet

My First Mother's Day

Happy First Mom's Day

Well, yet again I am way behind on my blog posts. Sunday May 13th was a very special day for me. It was my very first Mother's Day. To say it was an incredibly special and wonderful day is an understatement. We spent the weekend with my mom in town. It was really special for me to be able to spend my first Mother's Day with my mom and the babies with their Nana. I woke up to a yummy breakfast made by Kevin. I was hoping the babies would have their first the night of sleeping through. Unfortunately we're not even close but I could wish. Regardless I was so excited to wake up and see my sweet beans. Mom made special outfits for the babies to wear for me on Mother's Day. They were SO cute. They both had a onesie on and Avery had the cutest little TuTu I've ever seen. Their onesies read...Happy First Mom's Day. My mom worked hard on these little outfits and I will cherish them forever. I received so many First Mother's Day cards from lots of thoughtful people. Kevin was thoughtful enough to go out and purchase cards for my sweet babies to give to me. I didn't even know he knew to do that. He is one special guy. He also got me a very thoughtful and memorable gift. He added to the charms on my Pandora bracelet and picked flowers from our yard as garnishments. I received two beads from Avery and two from Grayson.

Kevin with his baby girl on Mother's Day morning...I love this picture!

A & G

We spent the rest of the day running around the neighborhood attending mother's day parties. Our good friends and neighbors have a huge Mother's Day get together with their family and friends every year. This year we were around to attend. Let's just say the babies were a hit and I'm not sure I held them at all while we were there. They were passed all around so I could enjoy eating and having a mimosa or two! Then we headed back to the house for a quick visit from my God Mother Annette and Suzanne. They hadn't seen the babies in weeks so they had to make the trip even though they couldn't stay long. Lastly, we headed to Casey's house, another neighbor of ours. We enjoyed freshly caught crabs and another yummy mimosa! All in all it was a super busy packed but incredibly special and fun day. I hope every Mom out there was able to enjoy their special day...I now know how well deserved Mother's Day really is :) love my little beans and each and every day I thank them for making me a mommy!
3 generations

The reason I am a mom :)

Too cute for words...

Some of the many baby holders we came across on Mother's Day

Love my family

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Smiles

Today Avery has had the biggest smiles for us. Both babies have really started reacting to us in the last week with great big smiles and little baby noises. I'm loving these moments!