Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crib Boot Camp

We came home from the beach late Sunday night and decided to kick baby boot camp into high gear. The babies hadn't really been sleeping in their crib much during naps and were still in the bassinet at night. I was a little nervous how this might go with me going back to work at the same time. But I knew a part of why they were still in the bassinet was me. I just wanted my babies as close to me for as long as possible. I loved being able to look over into the bassinet anytime I wanted to touch or see them. It was also pretty nice to just pick them up when nursing and not have to get out of bed.

However, we noticed a real change in the babies while we were gone. They were going right down at bedtime without any fussing and they were sleeping so much better. Not quite through the night but pretty close. I knew I had to make the transition before it became harder on me and them.

So, Monday night we did our usual evening routine of getting them ready for bed, nursing, swaddling, and then we laid them in the crib together with their pacifiers and lovey's. Let's just say they did AMAZING! It was way harder on me than it was on them. They went down about 10pm and slept until almost 5am before they were ready for a feeding!!! I only had to get up once to give Grayson his paci back. I'm not gonna lie, I spent a lot of the night looking at the monitor...for no reason at all. I am thoroughly impressed by my little beans. They did equally as well at nap time. Looks like they were ready :) We have been going strong with this routine all week long without a hitch. Fingers crossed it keeps up because it seems too good to be true!

Lot's of Firsts This Week

Not only did the babies make the transition from crib to bassinet this week, they had a few other firsts. I left them for the first time to head back to work. Thank goodness for my mom or it would have been a nightmare.

With their improving neck and standing skills I tried them in the exersaucer. Avery loves it and will spend a good amount of time before getting fussy. Grayson enjoys it but not nearly as long as his sister. Both babies have figured out how to make it play music which is pretty cool for 4/2 months!

They also truly noticed each other this week. My mom and Annette had them sitting facing each other and they were staring in awe and letting out the biggest smiles back and forth. It was so cool!!! It got me really excited for the thought that they will have so much fun with each other in the near future.

Last but certainly not least Grayson has really gotten a hold of his fingers. I knew from the start he was going to be a finger or thumb sucker. In the past week I think he has decided it will be two fingers. Thank goodness he doesn't have them flipped the way his mama did or we would be in for some expensive dental work. He still loves his paci but no matter how I try he seems to find those fingers!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to reality...WORK

Well, after an AMAZING 16 weeks (thank you DC law) at home with my babies the time has come for me to go back to work. I have been dreading it since the moment my babies entered this world. I knew it would be hard but it became an even tougher reality once the babies were here and I was immediately attached like nothing I've felt before. It's been in the back of my mind constantly. I tried not thinking about it so I could enjoy every moment with my beans but it was tough. I would do just about anything to stay at home with my little ones but for now that isn't what our family needs. I was really hoping to be able to go back part time but my company wasn't really up for that. So, Monday morning this Mama got ready for work for the first time in weeks. It was like the first day of school. I cried my way out the door but thank goodness they were in good hands. I am INCREDIBLY fortunate that I don't have to drop them off anywhere just yet. My mom has a break in between schools sessions so she will be watching the babies for about a week and a half. Then my sister arrives and will be watching them for almost a month. How lucky are we?!?!?! It was hard enough leaving them but I couldn't imagine what it would have felt like if they weren't in such special hands while I'm at work. Not to mention they are in their own environment. It takes me sooo much longer to get out the door with feeing them and getting everything ready for them I am so thankful I don't have to pack them up and take them anywhere. It was a rough first few days and 4:30 am comes very early but the babies are doing so well and my mom is giving them lots of TLC! She sends me tons of pictures throughout the day which keeps me going. When I get home in the evening all I want to do is hold them and cuddle them. Their little smiles warm my heart. Thankfully I get to work from home 1-2 days a week depending on what is going on. It will certainly be a bit of a transition but one that I know I have to do for now. What can I say, I love my babies and every moment spent with them. Whew, first week back is officially complete and we all survived!

I've included a few pictures my mom sent me throughout the week...
When Nana can't find the baby bath she improvises with the bumbo seat

I have a shrine of my babies at work to get me through the day

Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 Month Stats

A: 8 pounds 12 ounces G: 9 pounds 5 ounces

A: 22 inches G: 23.5 inches
Clothing size- at 4 months these little beans are still holding strong in newborn clothes.

Newborn. I tried 1's and they are entirely too big. Grayson will probably make the jump before Avery does.

Still strong little nursers. When they do get a bottle it's 4 ounces. With their peanut size the doctor has us going back to adding a supplement to a bottle once a day. I add a scoop of infant powder to 4 ounces of my pumped milk. We will go back in a month (instead of two) to make sure they are gaining properly.

Avery's eyes are still a smokey blue and the hair she has left is dark like her daddy's. She has slight cradle cap and has lost most of the hair on top. It will be awhile before she has enough hair for bows!

Grayson's eyes are a slightly brighter blue. His hair is much lighter. It began as a very light brown but seems to be turning to a shade of blonde. He has a ton of hair on top of his head. It's so cute when it's wet and we can make it into a Mohawk :)

All of a sudden last week the babies decided they can make it until around 5 am. They usually go down between 9-10pm so this is HUGE! I would consider this sleeping in. They will take a short cat nap in the morning and in the evening with a longer nap in between. The afternoon nap is anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours. We are blessed with great sleepers.

Fun Stuff-
At our 4 month check up today neither of the babies quite hit the chart for weight or height and Grayson didn't make the chart with the size of his head. However, Miss Avery has a big ol noggin and placed in the 20th percentile for her head. Grayson's head was 38.5 cm and Avery's was a whopping 40 cm.

I've noticed the babies watching each other more. We can't wait until they are truly interacting with each other.

We tried to put the babies in the regular seats in their stroller instead of their carseats. It was pretty cute but they are WAY too small for them just yet.

They are both getting bored with laying back in their swing and bouncy seat unless they are tired, especially Avery. We pulled out their exersaucer. Avery loved it sitting up and seeing everything. She got a little floppy because her feet don't touch the ground and almost knocked her little head. We will probably wait a few more weeks before trying it again. For now we'll stick to the Bumbo seats for siting up.

It's hard to keep the babies still much these days, especially Avery. We had to stand right with her on the table at the doctors office because she was scooting her little body all over the place. She also prefers standing while holding on to us over sitting or laying back. I'm a little nervous with this ones energy and strength!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Family Beach Trip Oak Island, North Carolina

The remainder of our week was spent as a family enjoying the sun and sand in Oak Island at Kevin’s dad’s beach house. Kevin took the week off and actually stayed away from most work matters the entire week. We were excited to have so much time spent with daddy. We cooked yummy meals, relaxed on the beach, played with Ellie, went on runs, and spent quality relaxing time with our babies. It was by far one of my favorite weeks as a family yet.  We had lots of visitors stop in to see/meet the babies.  Kevin’s dad and Karen had been with us through the first weekend but had to leave on  Monday. Shortly after they left my parents came in so we could celebrate my dad’s birthday. They spent the night and enjoyed the next day with us on the beach before having to head home. 

Avery was OBSESSED with her toes in the sand and the water

Grayson- not so much. I think it was a little cold and shocked him

Love this one of Grayson and daddy relaxing together

Nana and Granddaddy with the babies

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy 4 months to the babies

This was our daily nap spot

Poor Ellie puts up with so much these days

Grayson's first time touching the sand


Love this face

Kevin’s good high school friend Bryce came by to meet the babies on Tuesday.

My good high school friend Brittanie along with her daughter Liza Grace and son Jackson came to visit with us on Thursday. Let’s just say 4 kids under 3 was a lot of fun and not so much catching up!
Brittanie, Jackson, and Liza Grace

Jackson's first time in the sand...nose dive

How precious is that sweet girl!

B and my babies :)

In the water AGAIN

Friday Kevin’s cousins came to visit as well as my cousin Marie. I even got the chance to spend a few hours on the beach with some of my college friends.
Hot mamas...half of these ladies just had babies!

Grayson checking out the 3D TV glasses haha

Really?!?!?! She's growing up too fast

Saturday more of Kevin’s cousins came, his friend Bryce and his son Kyle came back and my best friend from high school, Lindsay came with her sister.
Love me some LINDS

And FINALLY on our way home we stopped off in Richmond to see my cousin Meredith. She was in town from Colorado for a wedding and we couldn't pass the opportunity for her to meet the babies for the very first time. We had a quick but special visit and the babies just loved her. Oh how I wish I could have more time with her!

We had an amazing first family vacation and the babies did incredibly well with all of the visitors and changes in schedule. We can’t wait until our next Oak Island trip!
First Family Beach Trip = LOTS of pictures!!!