Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to reality...WORK

Well, after an AMAZING 16 weeks (thank you DC law) at home with my babies the time has come for me to go back to work. I have been dreading it since the moment my babies entered this world. I knew it would be hard but it became an even tougher reality once the babies were here and I was immediately attached like nothing I've felt before. It's been in the back of my mind constantly. I tried not thinking about it so I could enjoy every moment with my beans but it was tough. I would do just about anything to stay at home with my little ones but for now that isn't what our family needs. I was really hoping to be able to go back part time but my company wasn't really up for that. So, Monday morning this Mama got ready for work for the first time in weeks. It was like the first day of school. I cried my way out the door but thank goodness they were in good hands. I am INCREDIBLY fortunate that I don't have to drop them off anywhere just yet. My mom has a break in between schools sessions so she will be watching the babies for about a week and a half. Then my sister arrives and will be watching them for almost a month. How lucky are we?!?!?! It was hard enough leaving them but I couldn't imagine what it would have felt like if they weren't in such special hands while I'm at work. Not to mention they are in their own environment. It takes me sooo much longer to get out the door with feeing them and getting everything ready for them I am so thankful I don't have to pack them up and take them anywhere. It was a rough first few days and 4:30 am comes very early but the babies are doing so well and my mom is giving them lots of TLC! She sends me tons of pictures throughout the day which keeps me going. When I get home in the evening all I want to do is hold them and cuddle them. Their little smiles warm my heart. Thankfully I get to work from home 1-2 days a week depending on what is going on. It will certainly be a bit of a transition but one that I know I have to do for now. What can I say, I love my babies and every moment spent with them. Whew, first week back is officially complete and we all survived!

I've included a few pictures my mom sent me throughout the week...
When Nana can't find the baby bath she improvises with the bumbo seat

I have a shrine of my babies at work to get me through the day

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