Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Trip to Seattle

At the end of January Avery, Grayson and I went on our first trip to Seattle. Kevin's Aunt Rosemarie and her family had a trip planned out there and asked if we wanted to jump on board in order to make an otherwise impossible trip with two toddlers on a plane possible. I checked to see what it would cost for one ticket (Avery & Grayson were free) and it was such a deal. I decided if I could get my work schedule re-arranged it was meant to be. I flew two kids and myself for under $300 round trip for a once in a lifetime escape to see my sister. I am beyond thankful to the Gibbs for making a round trip cross country flight with two almost two year-olds bearable!
There were 5 adults for Avery and Grayson to be passed back and forth between. I finally loaded up on games, apps and of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on my kindle and I-pad. Let's just say they were pretty useful. I was worried about Grayson as he is all boy and usually sits still for all of 30 seconds at a time. Avery on the other hand will sit and engage in activities for lengthy amounts of time so I wasn't as worried about her. On the way down our first flight went amazing and we didn't even have to pull any tricks or devises out. The second (longer) leg was not so easy. Grayson actually fell asleep about an hour into the flight and Avery decided she did not want to miss a thing and refused to fall asleep. However, she was beyond exhausted as it was way past bed time at this point. Let's just say she made me work and possibly get a bit embarrassed while trying to walk the aisles to get her to fall asleep. Eventually she gave in and all was good. Until...she woke up screaming 20 minutes before we landed. This in turn woke her brother up which then made for two unhappy toddlers that both wanted me. I have never been that mom with two screaming toddlers, no way to calm them, and no where to go. It was a pretty uncomfortable last 20 minutes with lots of eyes planted on me but there wasn't anything I could do. As soon as we got off the plane all was good and forgotten (sort of). Thankfully my munckins were back to themselves again, minus being exhausted. However, my sister scooped us up and we headed to her apartment to get some rest so we could begin our Seattle adventures the next morning.
Watching as our plane takes off.
Of course he had to touch all the buttons.
Avery content with coloring.
In-between flights Grayson enjoyed running up and down the runways.
Avery and Grayson must have been work out because they slept until 8am (11am Eastern). I could not believe it. We spent our first day visiting with my Aunt and Uncle (Neile and Jim), we walked to breakfast at my favorite little cafĂ© just outside my sisters apartment and we went to the coolest play place EVER called Play Date Seattle. It was a play place that kept Avery and Grayson entertained for 3+ hours. They also have a coffee bar, really good food and local brews. Pretty cool place that I would love to re-create on the East Coast. 
 Aunt Devin bought them the coolest bowls that they can drink their milk out of. They were quite a hit!
Aunt Neile and Uncle Jim
The amazing Play Date SEA
Of course Grayson was slightly obsessed with anything dealing with balls.
Avery going down the slide all by herself.
Love this one!
He literally spent hours at this spot rounding up and placing all the balls in the chute and then pushing the button to watch them go flying.
We spent our second day touring around downtown visiting the Seattle Zoo and Pike Place Market.
Grayson slept the first hour in the Ergo.
So we decided to go hit up the arcade waiting for Grayson to wake up. Avery LOVED the carousel horse with Aunt Devin.
and hitting the pop ups...
We finally made it to the zoo and the Gibbs joined us. It was Hawaiian day and we got real live beautiful lei and beads.
Avery enjoyed watching the scuba diver in grass skirt and coconuts. He even waved to her.
Looking at the urchins with Jag.
My brave kiddos touching the star fish.
Watching the otters with Uncle Shawn.
They had a super cute play area for the kids to dance in these cute terry cloth (towel) octopus costumes. The teacher told them to all lay down and be still as the shark came around. Avery actually followed directions. Grayson...not so much haha
Love my sister! What a fun day at the Seattle Aquarium.
After the aquarium we headed to Pike Place Market for yummy lunch picnic outside.
For dessert we had homemade mini doughnuts. We got to watch them make them right there.
Grayson loved his first doughnut.
On the way in Grayson was asleep. On the way out Avery was asleep. Too much fun to be had in Seattle!
Our last day was spent walking around my sisters little downtown Ballard. I found the neatest stuff in a little trendy children's shop. I definitely could have gone broke in there. We had brunch with Kevin's Aunt, Uncle and cousins, we shared local cupcakes, and Avery and Grayson had their first sushi dinner.
Aunt Devin made the coolest fort!
We got to FaceTime with Daddy and Ellie. We missed them SO much!
Dance Party with Aunt Devin, Mommy, Andrew and Jag
Avery loves Aunt Devin!
Sadly the next morning we hit the road for our flight back home. I was beyond sad to leave. My sister and I had the best time and it was so much fun to see Seattle through Avery and Grayson's little eyes. They may not remember their first trip to Seattle but my sister and I definitely will! Thankfully our flights home were GREAT! I'm already planning our next visit out...
Seattle was playing in the Super BWI the very next weekend so the airport had balloons EVERYWHERE. Grayson was one happy little boy.
Avery figured out flying and decided she would sleep on me for a few hours on the way home.
Grayson and I had fun with selfies passing the flight away...