Saturday, April 28, 2012

Excursions with Aunt Devin

The second half of the week spent with Aunt Devin was just as much fun as the first half. She helped me take the babies to the doctors office, run errands, pick up groceries at the Amish Market, cuddle babies, feed babies, change babies, and so on. We even took a trip to Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Devin is in love with pinball...little did I know the National Pinball Museum is in Baltimore. So, off we went to play 2 hours of pinball. It was $5 all you could play. Needless to say Devin was in heaven. The babies did great and slept the whole time we were there. After pinball we walked over to the Inner Harbor and had lunch.

Saturday came way too quick and sadly we had to say goodbye and send her off to the airport. I literally cried the whole way home. This was by far the best trip I've ever had with Devin visiting. She helped me so much with the babies and it was such such a special feeling seeing her with her niece and nephew. We just hope she can come visit a lot! For now we have pictures :)
She enjoyed giving Grayson mohawks after his baths
Double duty
Cuddle you can see Avery was pretty happy!

2 Months Old

On February 18th the babies turned 2 months old! I've seen many of my friends post how quickly time flies and how sad they are that it all goes so quickly. I guess I'm jumping on the band wagon because time really is flying with these two sweet little beans. I cannot believe I am already posting about their second month. I feel like they just came into this world. We couldn't be any happier with the changes in our life since they arrived.

Sleepy little baby
In the past month the babies have begun to stay awake a little longer. We usually get 2 long (relatively speaking) wake cycles throughout the day with both babies. Sometimes it is at the same time and sometimes it is at differing times. When they are awake I am eager to hold, cuddle, and interact with them. I hate leaving them in their bouncy seat or swing when I know I can be enjoying them and spending time bonding with them. I've also found that they are showing me a fussier side at times. The first 6 weeks home all the babies did was sleep and eat. I knew it was a little too good to be true. In the last week or two the babies have become a bit more clingy and need me to hold them more often. They have also decided to give me a few rougher nights when they don't want to go right back to sleep after feedings. This happened a few days in a row after their shots so it may be their little bodies reacting to the virus circulating their system. But all in all they are pretty good babies and I can't complain. I'm just having to get a little trickier at how I get things done throughout the day.

Avery passed out after tummy time

During this month we had more visitors. Aunt Rose continued to stop over and spend time with the babies at least once a week. Nana and Granddaddy Gurley came for another visit and Aunt Devin finally arrived. She was here for a whole week and we enjoyed every moment. More to come on the rest of her visit. We had two doctors visits during this month. One at 5 weeks old and one at 8 weeks old. At 5 weeks Avery weighed in at 5 pounds 7 ounces and Grayson weighed in at 5 pounds 11 ounces. At their 8 week, or two month check up Avery weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and Grayson weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces. At their two month check up they also received their first out of hospital shots. I hate it because they are too little to understand what is coming and the poor shrieking screams they both let out just broke my heart. Needless to say they got a lot of extra cuddle time that day.

Grayson's poor little post shot leg

Avery's poor little post shot leg
Post Shots :(

The babies also had their first visit to the beach in our neighborhood this month. We can't wait to enjoy time down there as much as possible this summer. With how much they sleep they make it pretty easy on me. I pack them up in their stroller, find a nice shade spot for them, and mommy gets a chance to take in a little sun and enjoy her book. Now that they stay awake a little longer at times we've noticed they are getting closer to a few milestones. Both babies seem so very close to smiling. They haven't quite let out a definite non-gas smile. We are anxiously awaiting a smile and a giggle from these little beans. They seem to be tracking us and close objects better. They also seem to know me for sure and usually Kevin. They immediately calm once I pick them up when they are upset. We've tried tummy time a few times but they aren't huge fans. This actually surprises me because they LOVE laying on us chest to chest. Avery actually passed out one morning when I placed her on the mat for tummy time. Kevin and I's 1 year anniversary was this month as well.

Our first beach visit

On April 2nd I was forced to leave my babies for the first time. Even though it was just dinner and we had the best babysitters I could ask for (Annette and Suzanne) I cried leaving them. They just seemed to tiny to leave and I knew they would just sleep if we took them with us. A few tears and pictures later and we were out the door. Kevin took me to dinner in downtown Annapolis at . It was a beautiful restaurant on the water. We ate and headed straight home to our precious lil babes. Kevin gave me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. He got me a Pandora bracelet with a few charms. Two very special charms were a little boy and a little girl representing Avery and Grayson. I didn't even know he knew what Pandora was. I was definitely wowed by this one. The best present of all is having two little babies of course...but who would have thought we would be a family of four by our first anniversary haha! I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!

All in all it's been a pretty eventful month with more to come for sure. I am still home enjoying every moment with these sweet babies. I am dreading the day I have to go back to work but know it's inevitable. For now I am trying not to think about it too much so that I can enjoy my time with them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Having fun with Aunt Devin

We are having a blast with Aunt Devin in town. We definitly surprised her by picking her up at the airport. I ran up to her with both babies in tow and basiclly tossed Grayson right at her. She was shocked and excited :) Grayson even dressed up for Aunt Devin...had to look spiffy!

We started off our visit with mom (Nana) in town to spend time with us as well. On Saturday we went to the Amish Market in Annapolis for brunch and to pick up a few groceries. We also had Suzanne join us later in the day. We decided to go to downtown Annapolis to walk around with the babies and have dinner. We decided on Pusser's because it was so nice out and we could sit outside on the water. It was such a great time but we were exhausted after all we packed in to the day. Walking around downtown Annapolis Dinner at Pusser's

On Sunday Annette joined us and we headed down to the beach in our neighborhood because it was in the upper April! The babies had their first trip to hang out at the beach. We kept them under the covering and they were happy as could be. We ended up bringing dinner down to the beach and grilled out.

Hanging with my babies at our neighborhood beach

The cutest little crabby butts I've ever seen!

Today is the babies 2 month birthday (8 weeks)! I cannot believe how fast two months has gone. We had the babies 2 month appointment today. I will post tomorrow on their stats and picture update. For now we are enjoying our time with Aunt Devin because we know it will go too fast. She has been cooking us YUMMY meals and helping mommy take care of the babies. It has been sooooo nice! We wish she could stay forever.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aunt Devin is on her way...

We couldn't be more excited that Aunt Devin is FINALLY on her way to visit us and meet the babies for the very first time. The babies made their early arrival just after Devin had booked her flight to come visit for a week during her Spring Break. As much as she wanted to jump right on a plane and come visit we knew it would be best for her to wait and come when she could stay for the week. She almost bought a weekend flight because she wanted to meet them so badly. Now 8 weeks later the time is finally here and Devin is mid flight on her way to see us. She thinks Suzanne is picking her up and bringing her to our house due to her late arrival at National airport. Little does she know we couldn't allow that and we are packing the family up and heading to DC to pick her up ourselves. We plan to go by Suzanne's house for a bit, catch some dinner in Arlington and then head to the airport to meet her at baggage claim. We are beyond excited! She is going to be so surprised and so happy to see these babies as soon as she gets off the plane :)

We have lots of fun things planned and warm weather is in the forecast. Stay tuned for pictures and updates of our week together.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Babies 1st Easter

The babies had a great first Easter. Nana and Granddad were in town the weekend before and truly spoiled them. Nana bought everything for their Easter basket and even made their outfits. She got them a couple of outfits for when they are bigger and a few toys 3-6 months for when they are a little bigger. I didn't end up buying them a thing for their baskets. Although I did buy them their adorable personalized Easter baskets. I plan on re-using them each year. I can't wait until they are big enough to carry them around themselves hunting for Easter eggs. We spent the day at Aunt Rosemarie's with her kids and some of Shawn's family members. We ate yummy foods and the babies got passed around for all to see. All in all it was an extra special day. They may not remember it but I sure will!

I took this picture on Easter morning before the babies woke up

Tummy time with her cute little bunny bloomers
Is this not the cutest bunny butt you've ever seen???

Avery's adorable 1st Easter dress made by Nana

Grayson's 1st Easter outfit made by Nana

Spoiled rotten babies

Our 1st Easter as a family

Love my babies

They didn't like their Easter baskets very much

One month old

The babies turned one month old on March 18th. Yet again I am behind on this post but hope to be caught up by their second month birthday. I couldn't believe how quickly their first month passed. We spent two weeks in the hospital and two weeks at home, It was an amazing first month as a mom with my sweet babies. I love every moment with them and try to cherish all the firsts. We had lots of first visits with family and friends, our first trip out alone, our first night home alone, our first walk, and so on.

Happy 1 month my sweet beans. We love you to the moon and back and can't wait for all the months and moments ahead!

Ellie watching over the beans

My little beans

The picture didn't quite work sitting in their crib

They fit in their bouncy seat together