Friday, April 13, 2012

Aunt Devin is on her way...

We couldn't be more excited that Aunt Devin is FINALLY on her way to visit us and meet the babies for the very first time. The babies made their early arrival just after Devin had booked her flight to come visit for a week during her Spring Break. As much as she wanted to jump right on a plane and come visit we knew it would be best for her to wait and come when she could stay for the week. She almost bought a weekend flight because she wanted to meet them so badly. Now 8 weeks later the time is finally here and Devin is mid flight on her way to see us. She thinks Suzanne is picking her up and bringing her to our house due to her late arrival at National airport. Little does she know we couldn't allow that and we are packing the family up and heading to DC to pick her up ourselves. We plan to go by Suzanne's house for a bit, catch some dinner in Arlington and then head to the airport to meet her at baggage claim. We are beyond excited! She is going to be so surprised and so happy to see these babies as soon as she gets off the plane :)

We have lots of fun things planned and warm weather is in the forecast. Stay tuned for pictures and updates of our week together.

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