Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aunt Devin Arrives

Today's the day Aunt Devin arrives. Yes, she is flying all the way from Seattle to join in the beans first birthday celebrations. We ABSOLUTELY cannot wait for her to get here. Happy Valentine's Day to us! Party prep is in full gear and we can't wait for her amazingly talented help. Stay tuned for Thing One and Thing Two's First Birthday Celebration!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I've been a bit absent from blogging lately. All I can say is that I have two VERY active little babies that are taking a lot of my time. We also had more construction going on in our house. Kevin finished up the basement renovation/ bathroom creation and we decided to move right along and finish our last big to do in the house...the upstairs bathroom was in need of a major face lift. After 3 or so long weeks the bathroom and construction mess on our main floor has finally been completed. I'd have to say it was much harder dealing with all of the dust, loud noises, sharp objects and loss of a bathroom on the main floor than it was for anything that went on with the creation of the bathroom and other updates that went into the basement. Grayson was literally into everything sharp and messy he could possibly get his little hands on. The constant loud noises seem to affect the babies nap schedule as it was right next to their bedroom. And I didn't realize how much fun it would be to run up and down steps with two babies and all of their stuff to bathe them and use the restroom. All I can say is thank the lord our new bathroom is done and absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe we waited 5 years to make this amazing transformation. Kevin worked his butt off the last few months with all of these renovations. I am one proud wife, and SO thankful my husband is so talented and could save us a lot of money by completing these renovations with the help of a few friends here and there. Knowing us there will be another project soon enough. But for now, I cannot wait to take a bath!

Grayson is keeping me on my toes with his latest ability to get anywhere and everywhere he wants. My eyes cannot leave the boy or he is into the next thing. His favorite is getting into Ellie's dog bowls. So much fun! Avery on the other hand is still hanging tight. She hasn't quite decided she wants to crawl but she sure does get frustrated when she sees her brother into everything she wants to get into. Soon enough we will probably have two mobile little monsters.

Little monkey goof balls

Crazy girl with a little snaggle tooth!

Innocent...not so much!

I am also busy getting ready for the beans first birthday party this weekend. We have all of the grandparents and Aunt Devin coming in town and and lots of other family and friends coming for the party. We can't wait! Lot's of things still to be done but I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Thing One and Thing Two are sure to be spoiled with birthday fun! For now, I am just praying the weather cooperates :0