Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ringing in the last year of my TWENTIES!

It has become a tradition for Kevin and I to go to the mountains around my birthday. Sometimes we go for the weekend and sometimes just for a day trip. We've been to Lurray Caverns in Virginia, Harpers Ferry West Virginia, Berkeley Springs West Virginia, and so on. This year we decided to make it a day trip to Harpers Ferry. We went there a few years ago and had the best time so we figured since it was so close we would go back . Two of our friends Jessica and Chris Clickner joined us to doubly celebrate. Jess' birthday is a few days before mine. They have two little ones so it was such a treat for them to get away. It was raining when we first got there so we postponed our hike and went to play a few games at Charlestown races and slots. I even learned how to play black jack!

Next we headed to the trails and went on a 5 mile hike to an overlook where you could see down on the little town of Harpers Ferry. We were having so much fun that on a whim we decided to stay the night. We found one vacancy open in a town next to Harpers Ferry called Sheperdstown. It has some of the best restaurants and is a quaint little town. The hotel with the vacancy turned out to be really neat. It was a German hotel overlooking the mountains that was getting ready for Octoberfest. After we checked in we went to a really tasty restaurant in town followed by a few drinks at a dive bar. It was a perfect spontaneous getaway.

The next morning we packed up and headed back so we could make it to the Redskins/ Cardinals game. It was an awesome game in which the Skins pulled off their second win of the season. We are 2-0 which made for the perfect ending to our weekend!

I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite years yet!

Osk Island and White Lake, North Carolina

In August Kevin and I were able to get to Oak Island for a few days followed by a few days at White Lake.

We started off at Kevin's parents beach house with our friends Jeremy, Bryce, and his son Kyle. Kevin's dad joined us for one night. We had a blast cooking dinners, playing on the boat, wake boarding, and enjoying our FAVORITE restaurants.

After Oak Island we rounded out our trip at White Lake with Kevin's moms family. His Grandaddy had just turned 80 so the entire family made it down to celebrate at their lake house. Kevin has taken me to the lake house but we've never really gotten a chance to spend this much time there with all of the family. It was such a wonderful time spent with so many. We cooked meals, played in the lake from sun up to sun down, jet skied, and even got the ENTIRE family to play on the go carts. They decided to rent the track out for his birthday present. It was the best idea because everyone young and old participated and had a smile from ear to ear.

Kevin and I love our time spent with family and friends and this one definitely topped the list!

4th of July-Catch Up

I've been a bit behind on my blogging so bear with me on the next few catch up posts.

Let's start with the 4th of July weekend...

One of my very best high school friends Lindsay came in town all the way from Greensboro, NC. She and her friend Bobby drove up and spent a long weekend with us. We went into downtown Annapolis, spent time on the beach in our neighborhood and checked out D.C.

On the actual 4th Bobby and Lindsay headed into downtown D.C to see the spectacular fireworks show they put on and to get a little sight seeing in.

Kevin and I joined a bunch of our friends on their boat in Georgetown on the water where you can see all of the monuments. It was beautiful and a great time! We all brought yummy food and grilled some chicken and hot dogs right on the boat. We loved this because growing up in the DC area it was something I had never done before.
Not to mention it was an AMAZING view of the National fireworks show!