Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ringing in the last year of my TWENTIES!

It has become a tradition for Kevin and I to go to the mountains around my birthday. Sometimes we go for the weekend and sometimes just for a day trip. We've been to Lurray Caverns in Virginia, Harpers Ferry West Virginia, Berkeley Springs West Virginia, and so on. This year we decided to make it a day trip to Harpers Ferry. We went there a few years ago and had the best time so we figured since it was so close we would go back . Two of our friends Jessica and Chris Clickner joined us to doubly celebrate. Jess' birthday is a few days before mine. They have two little ones so it was such a treat for them to get away. It was raining when we first got there so we postponed our hike and went to play a few games at Charlestown races and slots. I even learned how to play black jack!

Next we headed to the trails and went on a 5 mile hike to an overlook where you could see down on the little town of Harpers Ferry. We were having so much fun that on a whim we decided to stay the night. We found one vacancy open in a town next to Harpers Ferry called Sheperdstown. It has some of the best restaurants and is a quaint little town. The hotel with the vacancy turned out to be really neat. It was a German hotel overlooking the mountains that was getting ready for Octoberfest. After we checked in we went to a really tasty restaurant in town followed by a few drinks at a dive bar. It was a perfect spontaneous getaway.

The next morning we packed up and headed back so we could make it to the Redskins/ Cardinals game. It was an awesome game in which the Skins pulled off their second win of the season. We are 2-0 which made for the perfect ending to our weekend!

I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite years yet!

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