Thursday, September 22, 2011

Osk Island and White Lake, North Carolina

In August Kevin and I were able to get to Oak Island for a few days followed by a few days at White Lake.

We started off at Kevin's parents beach house with our friends Jeremy, Bryce, and his son Kyle. Kevin's dad joined us for one night. We had a blast cooking dinners, playing on the boat, wake boarding, and enjoying our FAVORITE restaurants.

After Oak Island we rounded out our trip at White Lake with Kevin's moms family. His Grandaddy had just turned 80 so the entire family made it down to celebrate at their lake house. Kevin has taken me to the lake house but we've never really gotten a chance to spend this much time there with all of the family. It was such a wonderful time spent with so many. We cooked meals, played in the lake from sun up to sun down, jet skied, and even got the ENTIRE family to play on the go carts. They decided to rent the track out for his birthday present. It was the best idea because everyone young and old participated and had a smile from ear to ear.

Kevin and I love our time spent with family and friends and this one definitely topped the list!

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