Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sailing the British Virgin Islands

In April Kevin and I joined six of our very good friends on a trip sailing the British Virgin Islands. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. Although it was SO hard to leave the babies for that long we managed to relax and enjoy a once in a lifetime vacation. From what I gathered the babies could have cared less that we were gone. They enjoyed being with their grandparents. We spent 7 nights on our friends the Clickners’ catamaran.  We flew into St Thomas and took an eventful ferry over to Tortola where we jumped on board our beautiful home for the week. We spent every day sailing and visiting numerous islands.  We spent time on Tortola, Norman Island, Salt Island, The Dogs, The Indians, Beef Island, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Marina Cay Island, Monkey Point, Cane Garden Bay, Trellis Bay, St Thomas, and Guana Island. We rode ATVs all around Jost Van Dyke, We snorkeled in every cove we could, we jumped cliffs where they seemed safe, we paddle boarded, we rode scooters around the entire island of Anegada, we ate amazing meals and most of all we all got to relax. I had the best time with Celeste, David, Chase, Melissa, Jess and Chris. We cannot thank Jess and Chris enough for providing us the opportunity to take such an amazing trip. I sure hope I get the chance to do this again in my lifetime because it was one for the books!
When it was time to say good bye to the islands I could not get home fast enough to squeeze my little munckins!!!
Enjoy a few of the gazillion pictures we took!

Willy T's

The ladies...pre-tan!

Relaxation at it's best

Our favorite sun spot

Paddle Boarding

The men!

The Ladies!


Captain Chris!

Getting tanner :)


Jumping Cliffs!

Our favorite reading spot

The entire gang!

Hiking inside The Baths

Found a real live Starfish!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Catch Up Post

Here I am again way behind on updating the blog. We’ve had a lot going on in the Hatcher house. I have two incredibly active little ones that are keeping me nonstop busy to the point that I am literally crashing into bed the first chance I get. In April Kevin and I had our first week away from the babies. We had an amazing time but have been trying to catch back up over the last few weeks (more to come on our trip in another post).
So here it is the middle of May and I feel like I have to write a book to catch up on where I left off. Avery and Grayson have changed SO much in the last few weeks.  They are quickly leaving the baby stage and entering into (tear) the toddler stage.  They are both wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. I’m not sure how they stay so little because they both eat as much as teenagers. I haven’t found much of anything those two will not eat. They have their moments that they don’t feel like eating something but try it again later and it’s their favorite thing. If I had to come up with a favorite for each I would say Avery loves her carbs (pasta and bread) and Grayson loves when he can have an animal cracker or banana cookie after dinner.
They are both AMAZING sleepers. I have truly been blessed in this department. They will sleep from about 7:30pm until about 7:00am. They are still taking two naps most days. Their morning nap is approximately 2 hours and their afternoon nap is approximately one hour depending on what we’ve done that day. I may regret saying this but it would be nice if I could get one really long nap instead of two short ones.
They love, love, love dancing these days. Throw some music on Pandora and they will both start bouncing. Avery loves holding onto whatever is around her and doing almost like a pole dance where she bounces up and down holding on with one arm and swinging her other arm to the music. It’s the funniest thing. Anytime they hear music at home or out and about they start bouncing their heads. We took a music class this past Saturday and they loved it. They are at the perfect age to start taking classes. They mimicked some of the motions we made, played with instruments, listed to and participated with us singing and dancing, as well as interacted with other little ones in their class. The only tricky part is with two mobile children I have to take them to classes that are offered when daddy can make it so that we can join forces to wrangle our two little monkeys. It proved to be a success because they were worn out after we left. We made it 5 minutes out before we had two sleeping babies in car seats.
Their favorite toys right now are balls, musical instruments, the walker, anything they can climb on, anything that is not supposed to be a toy, and anything outside. They have become little sponges in the last few weeks. They can now point to their own as well as someone else’s nose, eyes, and sometimes ear on command. When you ask Avery what a cow says she will respond, “mahhh” very softly. They seem to have the same words which include, dada, doggie, Ellie, uh oh, and sometimes hi. However, they are STILL not saying one of the most important words in my opinion…Mama!!!! Yes, they will say dada to no end and Ellie (our dog), but they will not say mama!!!!! I know there will be a day that I wish they did not say it so much but for now I am still waiting impatiently.  They will also wave, blow kisses and clap. Avery also uses clapping for the sign ‘more’. She is constantly clapping for more food. The girl LOVES her food. If she thinks you are eating something she will start clapping in hopes that you will share with her. Grayson hasn’t really picked up on any of the sign language to use for anything. He is so loud and verbal I think he may skip right into saying anything he wants. But for now he tends to get really frustrated when he wants or doesn’t want something and he cannot verbalize it. He is a very animated little boy. He will get so excited and happy but he will also get very upset if something is not as he wishes. He is sure to scream, cry, and throw a tantrum just to make sure you are aware he is not happy. We are trying to figure out how to stop his latest trick of hitting and or throwing himself. He will do it when he’s mad or just to get a little attention. We can tell that he knows he is not supposed to do it but we haven’t found the right discipline as he does not understand time out or consequences as of yet. All we know is hitting us and his sister has got to stop. Avery on the other hand is one tough cookie. She will take pretty much anything from her brother. It takes a lot for her to finally get upset. She is also obsessed with her brother and will follow him and do whatever he seems to be getting into. They are both still in love with playing in the dog bowls no matter how hard I try to correct that habit. Avery is so smart and I think it is because of her ability to sit back and take everything in. She is my quiet child compared to her brother. She spends more time working on something while her brother comes in and out like a tornado. They have such feminine and masculine as well as differing personalities. But oh how they love each other. They are constantly trying to do what the other is doing and love getting happy reactions out of each other and anyone around them. Lately I have caught Grayson leaning over to hug and kiss his sister before he tries to knock her down. It’s the sweetest thing…while it lasts! They also love to give mommy and daddy hugs and kisses. Grayson still tends to be my cuddlier child while Avery only allows such things once in awhile on her time.  They are also getting more into having books read to them. They will now sit sometimes for two books before they are up and about onto the next fun thing.
They are both crawling at the speed of light. Grayson has taken a few steps but will not do it without being prompted. He does however run with his walker barreling over anything or anyone in his way. I know he could walk if he really took the time. Avery on the other hand is a bit behind her brother in the walking department. About a week ago she started standing for long periods of time without holding onto something so I’m sure the first steps aren’t too far away. For now they keep me busy enough so I am perfectly fine with no walkers.
Each stage we reach brings with it more excitement and more exhaustion. I used to get asked almost daily how hard was it having twins and I felt as though there were some things that create double the work but all in all it didn’t seem that bad. Hmmm….now I get it! These two little mobile monkeys are giving me a daily run for my money. However, I would not change a single moment spent with them as they make me laugh and smile more than I ever have in my entire life!

Below are pictures from the past few weeks!

Don't worry, daddy isn't alowed to take us for a ride yet! But he can't wait until mommy let's it happen :)


So Cool!

Avery always saves her cuddles for Suz

This little one is always by her daddy's side

Mama loves her day home with her little monkey's.

Helping mommy plant flowers

Can you say dirty girl?!?! But oh so cute!

Not so good at sharing just yet :)

They look so big now (tear)

Kelly's baby shower!

 This little man LOVES to give mama kisses (for now)

They are both OBSESSED with dogs/puppies

Little man slobbering his sister with hugs and kisses...before he grabbed and pinched her!

I think these little ones will love the water just like their mom and dad.

 Hangin with Dana at Beth and Scotty's wedding reception!

Getting dirty is SO much fun.

Love my little munchkins SOOOO much!

Looking at the fishies in the pond

Throwing rocks is more fun!

That's his little denice the menise face

And how could this sleeping position possibly be comfortable. It's hard to tell but her legs have her butt and side pushed up in the air :0