Monday, November 19, 2012

9 Months!

A: 16 pounds 3 ounces
G: 17 pounds 3 ounces

A: 25.5 inches
G: 28 inches

Clothing size- Grayson is definitely into 6 month and can only squeeze in a few of his 3-6 month clothes. Avery is just moving into 6 month clothes and can still wear most of her 3-6 month clothes. Although her love for food may change that soon...the girl has quite the little appetite and belly.
Size 1’s for both babies. We are trying to use up our last box of 1's before me move on.
Still nursing when I'm home which is usually first thing in the morning and right before they go to bed. Outside of that they either get formula or pumped milk. They are still loving baby food. They've been introduced to a few more things in the last month including, collard greens, okra, cauliflower, squash, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and Lima beans. I've also begun giving them little bitty pieces of foods because they scarf down the pureed stuff way too fast. They are doing really well with gumming anything I give them in tiny pieces, although I'm too scared to let the nanny do it. They've had little pieces of ham and turkey at our early Sutton Thanksgiving, bread, muffin, and best of all they got to try baby puffs for the first time about 2 weeks ago. Let's just say it's like candy to them.
Eyes are still the same. Grayson's hair is OUT OF CONTROL. I am so tempted to get his first little haircut because he's a big ol fuzz head of blonde hair. It's starting to go over his ear just a little but we'll see when I actually get the guts to take him for his first haircut. Avery's hair is really starting to come in now.
Napping is still about the same. Oh how I wish they would still take super long naps at exactly the same time. I guess I need to figure out when I start phasing out a morning nap. Nights have definitely changed over the past month. My AMAZING nighttime sleepers have had a bit of a rough patch. We were hit with teething and day light's saving all in the same week...OUCH. They have begun getting up multiple times a night and started waking for good around 5am which we have gotten back to about 6-7am thankfully. Waking up so many times with my work schedule has made for one tired mama! I just hope those poor little teeth come in fast. Two teethers at one time is joyous!

Avery is OBSESSED with food. She is hilarious. I will feed her so much and when I try to stop, so she doesn't throw it all up, she gets so upset. She begins squealing and flailing her arms. I started sign language with them at 6 months and they say by around 9 months they begin to understand it even though they don't repeat it. I can tell she is beginning to understand because I sign to her all done and she freaks out. I am going to have to ask the doctor about this one. It's hard to tell if she really is still hungry or just can't stop. Usually if I get her out of the highchair she doesn't care any more. Grayson loves his food but does not freak out quite like his sister. Avery also gets so excited and when she's sitting she bounces her arms and opens her mouth. It reminds me of exactly what my sister used to do as a baby. Avery is still my happy smiley little bean that is SO interested in everything that is going on around her. She will stop anything to see what's going on. She has the most inquisitive expressions.

Grayson has become such a funny, happy little boy. He is loud as can be and let's you know how happy he is as well as how upset he is with his amazing vocal chords. Both babies began saying "Dadadada" much to my encouragement of "Mamama". Grayson gets himself just about anywhere he wants by rolling himself around. He is just starting to sort of push up on all fours. It's only a matter of time before he is into everything. He LOVES to stand up. He can't get himself up but if we help him he will hold onto whatever he can and stand there for awhile. He loves to stand up at the coffee table and play with whatever is in it. He has also discovered his love for the johnny jump up recently. He used to just sit in there content and kind of move around a little. Now he goes crazy and jumps all over the place squealing and swinging non stop.

Fun Stuff-
Both babies are solid sitters now. I can leave them on the kitchen floor or other hard surfaces with toys and know that they won't fall. They lean from side to side and grab and play with toys and each other without falling over. I've also been able to sit them in their bath tub in the big tub now that they sit so well. They are in heaven because they can actually sit and play with toys. They love bath time and would sit in there for hours if I let them.

One of my favorite new milestones is that they really know each other now. They laugh at each other, tug at each other and take each others toys away. Thankfully they haven't figured out that they should be upset when the toy is taken (yet). It is so neat to see how interested they are in each other and whatever the other one is doing. I love watching them interact and wonder what goes on their little minds. When they giggle at each other it melts my heart like nothing I've ever felt.

We are so excited with the holidays approaching and can't wait to see all of our family as we travel North Carolina. Even though these little beans have been producing bags under my eyes lately I know it's only temporary and I wouldn't change a thing. I truly enjoy every moment spent with these sweet, charismatic little babies. They bring a joy to their daddies and I's lives that we never could have imagined. They truly bring excitement to me the moment I wake up every day.

Sitting so sweetly...

Really Mom?!?!

And he's off!

Unlike my brother I can sit so nicely... 

and I have the sweetest smile!

But don't be fooled I love to annoy my brother!

We got the best report from our doctor at our 9 month appointment. We're finally on the more preemies here!

Happy 9 months to my favorite little beans in the whole wide world. Where oh where has the time gone!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sutton Thanksgiving

This past weekend we had all of the Sutton family (Kevin's moms side) in town for our early Thanksgiving celebration. This was the babies first Thanksgiving celebration and introduction to Sutton family cooking. They are all from Lumberton, NC and boy do they know how to cook. I was eager to introduce the babies seeing as they LOVE food. They had many new tastes which included okra, pastry, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, butternut squash casserole and a tiny taste of ham and turkey. To say they couldn't get enough is an understatement. I was afraid they were going to pop. Every time we tried to stop they would squeal for more food. It was the funniest thing and we all enjoyed how excited they were for such yummy home cooked foods. The weekend flew by way to fast but we enjoyed the time spent with the Sutton's.

Sutton Family Picture

Gigi and Kevin introducing the babies to a piano...WOW they were in heaven and could have sat there and played (mashed keys) forever.

Gigi and Aunt Lois with the babies

Grayson hardly fits in the cornhole hole anymore, but he sure loves it!

Daddy is just too much fun! I'm in love with this photo :)

Granddaddy, Gigi and the babies

Love my little turkey's!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Babies 1st Halloween

 I'm way behind on posting pictures of the babies first Halloween, but we've had a pretty eventful week with construction going on in the house, working overtime, and two babies that had a fever for a few days. Luckily we've made it through all of the above except for the construction (work in progress) and we are all doing well.

So... below are the adorable pictures of my little Spider and Lady Bug on their first Halloween.

I mean how cute are these two?

They both loved Grayson's spider legs

So excited for her first night of trick-or-treating

You can't take my pumpkin!

What, I don't get to eat any candy this year?!?!

Cute little wings

Our friends the Clickners and Frys came over to enjoy dinner and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of McKenna before she left. (Grayson-Spider, Avery-LadyBug, Savannah- Strawberry Shortcake, and Chris- Thomas the Train)

Out Trick-Or-Treating (aka, saying hi to our neighbors) for the very first time