Monday, November 12, 2012

Sutton Thanksgiving

This past weekend we had all of the Sutton family (Kevin's moms side) in town for our early Thanksgiving celebration. This was the babies first Thanksgiving celebration and introduction to Sutton family cooking. They are all from Lumberton, NC and boy do they know how to cook. I was eager to introduce the babies seeing as they LOVE food. They had many new tastes which included okra, pastry, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, butternut squash casserole and a tiny taste of ham and turkey. To say they couldn't get enough is an understatement. I was afraid they were going to pop. Every time we tried to stop they would squeal for more food. It was the funniest thing and we all enjoyed how excited they were for such yummy home cooked foods. The weekend flew by way to fast but we enjoyed the time spent with the Sutton's.

Sutton Family Picture

Gigi and Kevin introducing the babies to a piano...WOW they were in heaven and could have sat there and played (mashed keys) forever.

Gigi and Aunt Lois with the babies

Grayson hardly fits in the cornhole hole anymore, but he sure loves it!

Daddy is just too much fun! I'm in love with this photo :)

Granddaddy, Gigi and the babies

Love my little turkey's!

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