Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Babies 1st Halloween

 I'm way behind on posting pictures of the babies first Halloween, but we've had a pretty eventful week with construction going on in the house, working overtime, and two babies that had a fever for a few days. Luckily we've made it through all of the above except for the construction (work in progress) and we are all doing well.

So... below are the adorable pictures of my little Spider and Lady Bug on their first Halloween.

I mean how cute are these two?

They both loved Grayson's spider legs

So excited for her first night of trick-or-treating

You can't take my pumpkin!

What, I don't get to eat any candy this year?!?!

Cute little wings

Our friends the Clickners and Frys came over to enjoy dinner and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of McKenna before she left. (Grayson-Spider, Avery-LadyBug, Savannah- Strawberry Shortcake, and Chris- Thomas the Train)

Out Trick-Or-Treating (aka, saying hi to our neighbors) for the very first time

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