Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Having fun with Aunt Devin

We are having a blast with Aunt Devin in town. We definitly surprised her by picking her up at the airport. I ran up to her with both babies in tow and basiclly tossed Grayson right at her. She was shocked and excited :) Grayson even dressed up for Aunt Devin...had to look spiffy!

We started off our visit with mom (Nana) in town to spend time with us as well. On Saturday we went to the Amish Market in Annapolis for brunch and to pick up a few groceries. We also had Suzanne join us later in the day. We decided to go to downtown Annapolis to walk around with the babies and have dinner. We decided on Pusser's because it was so nice out and we could sit outside on the water. It was such a great time but we were exhausted after all we packed in to the day. Walking around downtown Annapolis Dinner at Pusser's

On Sunday Annette joined us and we headed down to the beach in our neighborhood because it was in the upper April! The babies had their first trip to hang out at the beach. We kept them under the covering and they were happy as could be. We ended up bringing dinner down to the beach and grilled out.

Hanging with my babies at our neighborhood beach

The cutest little crabby butts I've ever seen!

Today is the babies 2 month birthday (8 weeks)! I cannot believe how fast two months has gone. We had the babies 2 month appointment today. I will post tomorrow on their stats and picture update. For now we are enjoying our time with Aunt Devin because we know it will go too fast. She has been cooking us YUMMY meals and helping mommy take care of the babies. It has been sooooo nice! We wish she could stay forever.

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