Thursday, April 12, 2012

Babies 1st Easter

The babies had a great first Easter. Nana and Granddad were in town the weekend before and truly spoiled them. Nana bought everything for their Easter basket and even made their outfits. She got them a couple of outfits for when they are bigger and a few toys 3-6 months for when they are a little bigger. I didn't end up buying them a thing for their baskets. Although I did buy them their adorable personalized Easter baskets. I plan on re-using them each year. I can't wait until they are big enough to carry them around themselves hunting for Easter eggs. We spent the day at Aunt Rosemarie's with her kids and some of Shawn's family members. We ate yummy foods and the babies got passed around for all to see. All in all it was an extra special day. They may not remember it but I sure will!

I took this picture on Easter morning before the babies woke up

Tummy time with her cute little bunny bloomers
Is this not the cutest bunny butt you've ever seen???

Avery's adorable 1st Easter dress made by Nana

Grayson's 1st Easter outfit made by Nana

Spoiled rotten babies

Our 1st Easter as a family

Love my babies

They didn't like their Easter baskets very much

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