Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catch up...

Since I am clearly WAY behind on posting about life with the babies I am going to do a catch up post of memories. This could be a boring post but I want to remember all the little things about the first days with the babies...

We came home from the hospital on Friday March 2nd. When we arrived home Kevin's Mom Kay and Aunt Rose Marie were at the house to welcome us. Later that night Chase, Melissa, and McKenna came by to visit. We ended up getting take out food from Lure's and enjoyed dinner together.

Saturday and Sunday March 3rd and 4th we had numerous visitors in and out to see us now that we were home. I think we tried to get a little sleep in between but it's all kind of a blur now. Kevin's mom came by one last time before she hit the road to head back to Winston-Salem. She had been in town for a week and it was now time for her to head home.

On Monday March 5th we had the babies newborn session with the photographer Stacey Lee. We gave the babies their first bath that morning as we quickly rushed to get ready before she arrived. Of course they decided for the first time they wanted to stay awake when we were hoping they would sleep through the pictures. Stacey and I spent hours trying to lull them back to sleep so she could get the shots. We finally got them to sleep and she got some amazing pictures. I will post those soon...

As soon as the photo shoot was over we headed to the babies first doctors visit with Dr. Gvozden. They did so well and weighed in at. We then headed home to greet Kevin's step mom Karen as she was arriving from Winston-Salem to spend the week with us.

Sadly Kevin had to head back to Richmond on March 6th to work for a few days. He made it home to join us for our next doctors appointment on March 12th. The babies did very well again and weighed in at.

On March 7th we took our first walk and trip down to the beach in our neighborhood. Karen was still in staying with us. We loaded the babies up in their carseats and snapped them into the stroller. I made sure they were extra bundled. It was a beautiful day out. We walked around the neighborhood (which felt great) and on our way back to the house we stopped down at the beach so the babies could see our awesome neighborhood ammenity. We all really enjoyed the fresh air and sun so we made sure to take a walk every day that we could. Sometimes daddy was able to join us.

After Karen left I was officially alone with the babies on March 11th. We did very well. The babies were still sleeping all the time so it really wasn't too difficult. I was able to catch up on some work and things around the house I needed to get done and I even fit a little sleep in. We spent the week getting adjusted and had a few visitors in between. It was a nice first week alone.

The babies and I had our first trip out on March 11th. Suzanne came to spend the day with us so we took advantage of the extra help and took a trip to Babies R Us. We needed a couple of things for the babies so we loaded up the car with the returns, the babies, the diaper bag, the stroller and headed off. With feeding every 3 hours we only had a little over an hour before the next feeding so we had to be quick. There were a few customers that had to ogle over the babies but thankfully no one touched them.We scooted in, scooted out, and made it back home just in time for some hungry babies. All in all it was a successful first trip out.

Our first trip out alone was on March 14th. Again, it was a pretty tight schedule to get an errand ran in between feedings. Since I was going solo on this one I made sure I had everything ready and in the car before I fed the babies. Once they were done feeding we jumped in the car and headed to Target. We got a few baby items we needed as well as a few groceries. With two I have to maneuver around with their stroller. Using a cart is no longer an option for us :) Using their stroller I can only get what will fit in the cart below their stroller. We took care of what we needed, packed back in the car, and headed home for the next feeding. I didn't even have time to unload the groceries. That had to wait until after the babies fed. Needless to say errand running isn't as easy or quick as it used to be.

Our first day without a single visitor was March 16th. The babies had at least a visitor a day for a month. We took advantage and sat back and relaxed, slept and enjoyed our day together.

Annette and Jim came to visit the next day on March 17th. They were in love holding the babies. It was so neat to see two people so special in raising me caring so much for my babies. They also brought lunch, cooked dinner and left extra groceries. We were spoiled by the Fisher's as usual.

On March 23rd it was the first gorgeous, warm, sunny day of spring. So we took advantage and packed the family (including Ellie) into the car to go to downtown Annapolis for a few hours. Wow was our car packed with two people, two babies, their double stroller, diaper bag and the dog. We quickly realized how small our car might be for our family. We went to Sly Fox a restaurant downtown that has a huge patio where you can sit outside with your dog. Looking around I realized there wasn't a single table that didn't have a dog with them. We had a great time and a few people checked the babies out. I even had my first beer. It was delicious. We couldn't wait to do this a little more often but it was a bit tiring.

Our next doctors appointment was on March 26th. In the two weeks since the last appointment the babies grew almost an entire pound! Avery weighed in at 5.6 and Grayson weighed in at 5.11. Because of their amazing weight gain I was FINALLY able to begin feeding them on demand at night rather than ever 3 hours. :) Whew...this was such exciting news to this tired mama. Little did I know it would take about 2 weeks before they would really increase time between feedings. We also began Avery on reflux medicine at this point after speaking with the doctor. I had always thought babies would be inconsolable and incredibly fussy with acid reflux. Avery had shown to be a bit fussy after feedings and would spit quite a bit here and there. Based on our conversations the doctor decided to put her on Prevacid and wait and see before we put Grayson on it. Eventually we ended up putting him on it as well. About a week later I noticed vast improvements for both.

On March 28th the babies finally hit a "long" stretch of sleep. They slept a whole 4.5 hours in a row. I felt like a new person :) The next night they went back to waking every two to three hours. On the 30th they took another 4 hour stretch and then went back to 3 hour stretches on the 31st. For the next week we went back and forth as they learned to adjust to a longer stretch. Finally two weeks later they pretty consistently went about 4 hours between each feeding. I was finally able to get more done and get a little more rest in between feedings!

Breastfeeding these babies I have learned a few things I can't eat such as broccoli, cauliflower, and anything spicy. I found it directly affects the mood of the babies and makes them incredibly gassy. Avery more so than Grayson. I'm sure I will discover a few more things as we go along.

When I came home from the hospital it was suggested that I rent the hospital grade beast pump to get my supply going for twins. It was so nice to have it because it definitely increased my supply and made pumping so much easier and quicker. I hated to have to return it but I did so a month later on march 23rd and began using my medela. It works but definitely isn't as strong.

Below are a series of catch up pictures of the babies over their first month...

Typical Grayson chilling and typical Avery with her hands expressing herself

Our first visit to the beach in our neighborhood

The storks we came home to in the front yard


Nana Karen with the babies before she left

Amy and Kaileigh came to visit

Savannah and Christopher doing a great job holding the babies

Avery's sweet little feet

Grayson's sweet little feet

Becca came to visit

Bug eyes

Mama Ellie

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