Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Lake, North Carolina

Kevin’s Aunt Rose Marie, who has been WONDERFUL in helping with the babies since they were born, asked if I would go with her and her two youngest sons Andrew and Jag to White Lake the week before we were supposed to head to North Carolina for a wedding and our annual beach week. Kevin is still working most days out of the week in Richmond so she thought it would be great for me to go with them, spend an extra week in North Carolina, and get some help with the babies. After talking with Kevin we figured why not. So, we packed everything we could have possibly needed and headed off on our North Carolina excursion. Let’s just say we looked like the Clampett’s. Our trip began with a quick stop in Lumberton, North Carolina. This is where Kevin’s mother grew up and where his grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins live. It was the babies’ first trip to Lumberton. Kevin decided to make the drive and drop us off so that he could spend the weekend with us and not miss out on seeing the babies in between weeks in Richmond. While in Lumberton granddaddy had a cookout and invited all the family and a few of his friends so they could meet the babies. We had such a great time and you could tell granddaddy was so excited to show off his great grandchildren. On Sunday Kevin took us to White Lake and left us to spend the week relaxing at the house with Rose Marie and the kids. We played in the water, ate Melvin’s famous burgers, had a few cocktails (Rose Marie and I), went on a few runs and spent many hours on the pier reading and relaxing. My mom even fit in a day trip to visit us as Raleigh was only an hour and a half away (She jumps at any chance to see her grandbabies). It was a GREAT time. On Thursday Kevin returned to pick us up and take us to Wilmington/Oak Island to start the wedding festivities of two very good friends. Although we were excited to reach our next destination we were pretty sad that our time in White Lake was over. We can’t wait to get back there soon!

Stephanie loving on her Avery

Play time with Jag

Where is Avery?

Love that sweet lil man

Even Granddaddy was swimming!

Nap time outside is AMAZING

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