Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Family Beach Trip Oak Island, North Carolina

The remainder of our week was spent as a family enjoying the sun and sand in Oak Island at Kevin’s dad’s beach house. Kevin took the week off and actually stayed away from most work matters the entire week. We were excited to have so much time spent with daddy. We cooked yummy meals, relaxed on the beach, played with Ellie, went on runs, and spent quality relaxing time with our babies. It was by far one of my favorite weeks as a family yet.  We had lots of visitors stop in to see/meet the babies.  Kevin’s dad and Karen had been with us through the first weekend but had to leave on  Monday. Shortly after they left my parents came in so we could celebrate my dad’s birthday. They spent the night and enjoyed the next day with us on the beach before having to head home. 

Avery was OBSESSED with her toes in the sand and the water

Grayson- not so much. I think it was a little cold and shocked him

Love this one of Grayson and daddy relaxing together

Nana and Granddaddy with the babies

Happy Birthday Dad and Happy 4 months to the babies

This was our daily nap spot

Poor Ellie puts up with so much these days

Grayson's first time touching the sand


Love this face

Kevin’s good high school friend Bryce came by to meet the babies on Tuesday.

My good high school friend Brittanie along with her daughter Liza Grace and son Jackson came to visit with us on Thursday. Let’s just say 4 kids under 3 was a lot of fun and not so much catching up!
Brittanie, Jackson, and Liza Grace

Jackson's first time in the sand...nose dive

How precious is that sweet girl!

B and my babies :)

In the water AGAIN

Friday Kevin’s cousins came to visit as well as my cousin Marie. I even got the chance to spend a few hours on the beach with some of my college friends.
Hot mamas...half of these ladies just had babies!

Grayson checking out the 3D TV glasses haha

Really?!?!?! She's growing up too fast

Saturday more of Kevin’s cousins came, his friend Bryce and his son Kyle came back and my best friend from high school, Lindsay came with her sister.
Love me some LINDS

And FINALLY on our way home we stopped off in Richmond to see my cousin Meredith. She was in town from Colorado for a wedding and we couldn't pass the opportunity for her to meet the babies for the very first time. We had a quick but special visit and the babies just loved her. Oh how I wish I could have more time with her!

We had an amazing first family vacation and the babies did incredibly well with all of the visitors and changes in schedule. We can’t wait until our next Oak Island trip!
First Family Beach Trip = LOTS of pictures!!!

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