Friday, May 25, 2012

The Suttons Visit

This past weekend was quite busy. Kevin's moms side of the family (The Sutton's) came to visit. There were over 30 of us in all including, Kevin, me, Avery, Grayson, Kay, Austin, Rose Marie, Shawn, Sutton, Andrew, Jag, Darryl, Mary, Lois, Dick, Rick, Myra, Buddy, Kristen, Sandra, Jeff, Stephanie, Willie, Nicholas, Courtney, Granddady, June, and Shawn's parents and even my cousin Lucas who has been adopted to the Sutton family. Whew... A LOT!  Lucas actually came Wednesday through Sunday so we could celebrate his 22nd birthday and have a few more days with him.

For months we have been trying to find a time for them to all come and see the babies for the first time. In working with that many peoples schedules we couldn't get it together until this past weekend May 19th. They came from all over to see our sweet beans. We were so excited and couldn't wait for this visit so of course the weekend flew by in a flash. We spent Thursday night having dinner at Rose Marie's house with those that came in town early. Friday the rest of the family arrived and we had a barbecue at Darryl's house on his new patio with a fire pit. Saturday we spent all day at Rose Marie's so everyone could visit with the babies and then we headed to Darryl's house for an incredible meal. The Sutton's always have the best meals with their southern home cooking. The babies were wonderful and we were so sad to see everyone leave on Sunday. A few of them came by the house before hitting the road. We can't wait until we see them all again.
Great Granddaddy and Grayson relaxing

June and Avery

Gigi and Avery

Stephanie, William & the babies

Lois and Avery

One of many pictures of Lois with the babies

Rick and Avery

Lois and Grayson

Grayson taking a little nap

Jag and Grayson...he is SO good with the babies

The cousins...yes we are a bit special

Sandra and Grayson

Shawn and Avery

Grandaddy and both babies

Lucas and his second cousins

GiGi and Avery

So Sweet

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