Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 weeks already?!?!

Where has the time gone??? These sweet babies have been in our lives for 10 whole weeks...double digits!!! They are beginning to feel heavier to me everyday as I still occasionally attempt to carry them around at the same time. I definitely think we've reached the 7 pound mark :) Our little peanuts are finally wearing newborn clothes. I'm bittersweet about this. We have some pretty cute newborn outfits but I can't bare to put away their itty bitty preemie clothes. Avery can still fit in a few of her larger preemie outfits. Every day the babies seem to get more active and alert. Kevin and I have really enjoyed cooing and oohing in their sweet little faces watching how they will react. Grayson is still our laid back, chill little dude and Avery is our little spitfire with tons of attitude already. We love how very different their little personalities have been since day one! Both babies are SO close to full on real smiles. They both give these little side mouth smirks but we're still waiting for big ol smiles and giggles. Grayson is also perfecting his thumb sucking skills. A few times this week I've caught him with his thumb in his mouth and his other little fingers curled in perfect thumb sucking position. But he still tries to jam his entire fist in his mouth and ultimately frustrating himself. The babies are sleeping better and longer each day on their first stretch of night sleep. Twice last weekend I got to sleep until 4:30 before they woke to feed. I felt so good after those long stretches. But...they were short lived and the next few nights were a little rough.

I'm not really sure how we came up with nick names for the babies but I've noticed we are constantly calling Grayson "out little buddy" and Avery "baby girl". I've also noticed when talking to them we call them "our little boobles" not really sure where this one came from either.

Playmat tummy time

Got TWINS???

Love his little bug eyes

Finally got that thumb in the correct position
Pirate babies


Poppy and GiGi came to visit us this past weekend!!!! Poopy hadn't seen the babies since they arrived. We had such a great time and didn't stop the entire time they were here. Poppy helped give the babies bottles and spent lots of time holding his granddaughter and grandson. We went out to lunch, spent time at the Annapolis Bar-BAY-que festival, spent time on the beach for a Cinco De Mayo party my neighborhood was having, and even took the babies to a really nice brunch. We only wish we lived closer so we could have more time with Poppy and Gigi!
Gigi, Uncle Austin, Poppy, Avery, Grayson, Kevin & I.

Poppy & Grayson

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