Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Few Must Haves

I recently sent an email to a good friend of mine that is expecting a baby in the next few weeks. It included a few must haves that weren't in the books or recommended from friends. I thought it would be something worth posting in my blog so moms to be could check them out. Below is the list. It certainly doesn't encompass all must haves but does include some that I couldn't live without but didn't necessarily know about before the babies arrived.
Pump wipes- they are super easy and guaranteed hygienic for pump accessories. I wish I'd had them sooner. Sometimes I was having to clean the pump pieces 4 times or more a day. They are especially great for work. I don’t exactly want to be cleaning breast pump accessories in front of all the men in my office kitchen. The nice thing about this pack is they are individually wrapped like wet naps you use after eating crabs. They also had the highest quantity for the cheapest price.

Milk bags- again the highest quantity for the cheapest price by far. You will definitely need these if you are nursing.

Bottle brush- I loved this one because there is no sponge on it. Sponges always stink and get nasty in my sink. This one has soft plastic bristles which are awesome and really get the bottles a lot cleaner in my opinion.

Dapple- baby safe cleaner. Before I was using baby safe cleaner to clean the bottle pieces, pump pieces, and pacifiers I had to REALLY make sure all the soap came off. If it doesn’t baby can get really sick. With this stuff or anything like it you don’t have to be as careful because of the ingredients used. This stuff is also designed to target milk residue. You can find this product on amazon or at babies R us.

Lucky baby slings- They seem to be the cheapest version. I got this one because it was on Zulilly. If you find it on there it will be even cheaper. I think I paid $30 something and this thing has been a LIFESAVER! It holds baby securely and provides total hand use while holding baby close. Avery is addicted. If she is the slightest bit fussy I throw her in and she's immediately calmed and usually falls right to sleep. I think she loves it so much because it mimics being in the womb. I have also taught myself how to make them so message me if you are interested or want to purchase one for a friend.

You could probably get by without some of these but I felt they made life a little easier...especially with multiples and going back to work.

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