Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Post of Pictures

We are still enjoying all of our quality time with Aunt Devin. It is so much fun to wake up every day and have her there. I don't know what we are going to do when she leaves. Work is okay but not as much fun now that I have two little beans I am constantly thinking about. I hate all of this time I have to spend away from them. Avery is beginning to improve in regards to her poor finger. We had one more scare with it but believe we are finally, truly, on the up and up. The babies are still doing an amazing job sleeping in their crib both at nap time and bedtime. To my surprise it was probably one of the easiest transitions we will face. They still wake one time to feed but go right back to sleep so I really can’t complain. Every day it seems like I’ve moved up their bed time as they are becoming tired earlier. They have the happiest easy going personalities and we can’t wait for each new milestone. There’s not much else going on in our neck of the woods this week so instead I’ve posted a few fun photos below of our adventures.

Hangin in the BOB for the first time

Ellie is babysitting as usual

Hangin with Aunt Dev
And she's out...

How cute is he?!?!
Loving Daddy time
and he's out...

Playing with Aunt Devin while Mommy works

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