Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Month Stats...

Aren't those expressions priceless?!?! I had just tried on a pair of baby VANs a friend in our neighborhood got us...too cute! Avery in a little dress with VANs haha
A: last check 2 weeks ago 9 pounds 5 ounces but I'm sure she's gained at least a pound in the last two weeks. G: 9 pounds 13 ounces but I'm sure he too has gained at least a pound. Ever since we added supplement once a day these babies have been packin it on!

A: ? G: ?
Clothing size- at 5 months Avery is still in newborn and Grayson still fits in his newborn but is branching over into 0-3 month in some brands. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever make the step out of Newborn.

Newborn for Avery. We started Grayson in 1's this week because he was beginning to overflow newborn diapers at night.

Still nursing when I'm home and they get a bottle of my pumped milk while I am at work. Although with the stress of me going back to work and not nursing quite as much I feel like we may have to start giving them a bottle at night because I don't feel like I have enough for them by the end of the day to keep them full. Pumping just doesn't seem to be keeping my supply up the way the babies could before I went back to work :( When they do get a bottle it's 4 ounces.

Avery's eyes are still a smokey blue and the hair she has left is dark like her daddy's. It will be awhile before she has enough hair for bows!
Grayson's eyes are a slightly brighter blue. His hair is much lighter. It began as a very light brown but seems to be turning to a dark shade of blonde. He still has a cute little bit of hair on top that will curl sometime or we shape it into a Mohawk!

The babies are beginning to go down earlier and earlier every night. Right now they go down between 8-8:30 depending on their fussiness. They are still sleeping until around 5 am most mornings, they nurse, and then go back to sleep until approximately 7:30. Although we've had quite a few off nights lately. I'm assuming it has had to do with Avery's virus.  It has been SO much harder to get up so many times a night now that I am back at work. They will take a short cat nap in the morning and in the evening with a longer nap in between. The afternoon nap is anywhere from two to four hours!!! We are blessed with great sleepers. They are still doing incredibly well sleeping together in their crib. I still keep them swaddled but a few times they have broken free. I hope I can keep the swaddle up a bit longer because the times I've tried not swaddling them they certainly don't sleep as long.

Fun Stuff-
Aunt Devin has been watching the babies and she seems to get the BIGGEST smiles out of them.

I ordered a baby pool off Amazon for $5 and it is awesome! Avery loved it but Grayson wasn't a huge fan. We used outside water and it was pretty cold so next time I will try filling it from inside. I put the gazillion rubber ducks in it that I got at our Raleigh baby shower and they just loved watching them float around. I could tell they wanted so badly to reach out and be able to grab them. Avery kept pushing herself back and laying flat on the water like a little sunbather. It was super cute.

I thought Avery would be our first talker (babbler) but sure enough Grayson is proving me wrong and it's him! He loves cooing and babbling.

We leave tonight for a little mini vacation in Williamsburg. My sister really wanted to go to Busch Gardens while she was here so off we go and I can't wait! Although even a short trip requires WAY too much packing when you have two babies.


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