Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Avery's First Virus

Sure enough I go back to work and one of my babies gets sick. It started last week (my second week back). I came home from work July 3rd and noticed her finger looked a little red. It was after office hours so I figured it would have to wait until they reopen after the July 4th holiday. The next day it was worse so I called the doctors office and got the nurses hotline. I called in and they said I should take her to Righttime Pediatrics. Long story short I will never go there again. They gave her the wrong diagnosis of an ingrown fingernail along with the wrong prescription in the wrong dose. We were calling all over trying to get it filled and little did we know it doesn't exist. The next day we ended up in our Peds office and they gave us an antibiotic. Our doctor felt there was something she was missing so she had us come in the next day (Friday). It was then that she discovered what it really was. She has a virus that has shown symptoms in her finger. She is not acting sick but her finger was getting worse by the day. It was incredibly swollen and she had sores all over it that are similar to cold sores. They started showing up on the next finger over as well as a small patch on her arm. Our doctor opened the office on both Saturday and Sunday just for us to make sure Avery didn't need to be admitted to the hospital. Throughout this whole ordeal Avery has been such a trooper. We had a rough couple of nights of sleep but other than that you would never know something was wrong without looking at her poor little finger. Every day it was getting worse but finally on Monday when we made our 6th consecutive trip into the doctors office she felt things were starting to look a little better. Avery did not have a fever, there were no new sores, and the existing ones seemed to be looking a tad bit better. We are so thankful she is on the mend. By the looks of her poor finger I know it is super painful. We are praying for a quick recovery for our baby girl.

You can see in the pictures below how it just kept getting worse and really looks like cold sores on the finger.I kept thinking this can't get any worse and sure enough it did. My poor baby girl!

Laid back as usual waiting to be checked out

Smiley baby girl!

Rest is much needed this week!


  1. What was this called my doctor told me it's herpes

  2. What was this called my doctor told me it's herpes