Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playdate with the Schoens and Leichs

Last Sunday we got together with a few of our good friends and their babies. We went to Edgewater to visit Dave, Courtney and their son Grady. Grady was born a few weeks before A & G. We also met Dave, Celeste and little Brenner, their 3 week old son. All 6 of us believe it or not went to ECU together. So in all, we had 4 little pirate babies 6 months and under and we still managed to do a little catching up and eat dinner. Courtney made some  of the yummiest foods. I have a feeling there will be many more play dates for our 4 little ones in the future.

All 4 of our babies were born in the last 6 months! From left to right: Brenner, Grady, Grayson and Avery

One of the many funny outtakes. Poor Brenner is SO teeny compared to the other 3

 Grady so interested in A&G

Love in the making?!

 Too cute for words!

One last one of the sibling interaction that has begun in our house!

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