Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aunt Devin goes home

We rounded out July with a few more days spent with Aunt Devin. As the days were nearing her departure we were getting sad but tried to fit in as much as we could. We spent some time in downtown Annapolis, got in a few more visits with Suzanne and Annette, cooked a few more yummy dinners and overall got in some quality time together.

She left yesterday and I cried almost the entire way to the airport. I miss her more than she could imagine, but now that I have babies it is SO much harder when she leaves. We love the time spent with her and it is truly special to see her with her niece and nephew.

She spent an entire month away from home to help watch the babies so I could ease back into work. For that I am incredibly thankful and there are no words to express our gratitude. An added bonus- she spent quality time with the babies. We had such a great time and created so many fun memories with the babies. We are incredibly sad she is gone but for now we'll just have to start the countdown to her next trip east.

I mean, how cute is this photo?!?!

We love you Aunt Devin. Thanks for taking such great care of us. You sure will be missed!

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