Friday, August 17, 2012

Catch Up- With Lots of First Visits

Once my sister left to head back home things got a bit crazy in the Hatcher house.  We were fortunate to have Suzanne stay with us for a week to watch the babies. I don’t know what I would have done without all of our family and friends stepping in to take such good care of our babies. We had been interviewing people to bring to the house and watch the babies. With two in daycare it actually became a more economical choice. Not to mention it is better for the babies and saves me so much time before and after work having the babies stay home. We actually found a few girls that we really thought would work out well. We finally settled on the best all around choice. Her name is Brittany and she began watching the babies this week. So far so good! I spent her first day working from home so that I could go over their routine and be there in case any questions came about. I’d have to say I was surprised at how little she needed me. Actually I don’t think she needed me at all. She is so sweet with the babies, extremely quiet, but very good with them. Twins can be quite the task some moments but I think she will do just fine.

The week before Brittany began I had a lull at work in between projects so we decided that I would take advantage and go visit family and friends in North Carolina. There were numerous family members that the babies hadn’t met and what better way than to go see them. We took off on Friday and spent the night in Raleigh with my parents (Nana and Granddady). The next morning we headed to Charlotte to spend the remainder of the weekend with our good friends Anna and Travis and their son Colson. Colson is almost one and all over the place. He gave me a small glimpse at what our future holds with mobile babies. Colson gets cuter every time we see him. If only we could spend more time with him! I can’t wait for the babies to get a bit older and begin interacting. The Crawfords were wonderful hosts and we can’t wait to get back there again soon!

Colson and Grayson in the stare down!

Colson & Avery playing together
Reecie, Colson and Grayson playing...can't wait until they are a little bigger and best buds!

Our next stop took us to Winston Salem, North Carolina. Kevin dropped us off and headed back to work for the week. We stayed with Kevin’s mom (GiGi) for most of the trip. It was so nice to spend so much time with her. She had to work so we would go over to Kevin’s dad’s house during the day to visit his dad (Poppy), step mom Karen (Nana) and their grandson Jackson who is 3. I was able to go out to lunch baby free with Kevin’s dad which was so nice. It has gotten a little difficult to get through a meal with two little babies in tow. We got to see Gigi each morning for a bit before she went to work and we had dinner with her when she got home. The babies got to meet my Aunt Pat, Uncle Larry and cousin Lucas, Great Grandmother Virgina, as well as Kevin’s friend Jeremy.
Lunch with Lucas
Meeting Aunt Pat for the first time!
Loving on GiGi
My Aunt Pat and I with the babies!
Meeting Great Grandma Virginia for the first time!
Laid back with Granddady!
The Gurley's

On Friday we moved our stuff (lots and lots of baby essentials of course) over to Kevin’s dad’s house and we spent the remainder of our trip with them.  (Not sure why all of my pictures started turning funny directions :(
Avery's first ride on a slide! Jackson (cousin) took her for a ride.
Avery's first time in a swing!
Grayson's first time in a swing!

On Saturday we ventured to Lake Ewharrie, North Carolina where Kevin’s Aunt Anita lives to introduce and spend the day with Kevin’s Aunt and cousins. We had amazing barbecue and played out in the water and on the doc all day. 
Meeting Great Aunt Anita!
Loving on cousin Lily
Daniela, Lily, and Avery
Hangin with Poppy
Aunt D and the babies!
Avery's first surf lesson
Grayson's first surf lesson

It was an extra special trip filled with lots of stops and lots of new people for the babies to meet. We wish we could have spent more time but were thankful for the time we had. We are home sweet home and adjusting back to our regular schedule of me going to work and missing on my sweet babies!
One last picture at Poppy and Nana's just before we left Winston Salem

Anyone know how to turn pictures uploaded from i-phone? I have them turned on my computer but then when I download them to blogger it turns them back :(

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