Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rice Cereal

On the babies 6 month birthday they were given their first taste of rice cereal. I was expecting them to need a little time to adjust since they’ve only had milk thus far in their little lives. I was wrong, both babies loved the rice cereal and gobbled it all up. I would have to say Avery is not nearly as messy an eater as Grayson. She seems to get the hang of pushing it to the back of your mouth. My lil man on the other hand kind of pushes it out a bit and loves to stick his fingers and hands in his mouth just as fast as I can get the spoon out. He then proceeds to wipe whatever cereal he got on his hands all over his face, hair, you name it.  We are having a blast and it may just be causing the babies to sleep later some mornings. We can’t wait to start with baby foods…stay tuned!

Getting ready for the good stuff!

Umm this stuff is good dad!

Gimme that yum yum!


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