Monday, September 17, 2012

First Baby Free Getaway

Wow, it sure has been busy in the Hatcher household lately. I have gone part time with my current company, which is something I've been hoping to do for weeks now. I have also taken on a part time, from home, night job at a home health agency. I wanted to figure out a way to have more time with my babies while they are still little and this is how it works. Life is crazy but we are so fortunate that everything just keeps working itself out.
Now to the real title of this post...our getaway. It was so hard to make the decision to leave the babies overnight for the first time. I kept going back and forth but in the end decided they would survive two nights away. Thankfully my parents were more than willing to make the drive to come stay with them at our house. I don't think I would have felt comfortable leaving under any other conditions. I just kept thinking things like, they've never gone a whole day without nursing and I've never not put them to bed". But after a little convincing from the hubby and knowing they would be in my parents care I decided to go.
So off we went for a weekend away at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia to celebrate our good friend Jess Clickner's 30th birthday. Little did I know how amazing this place was. We arrived and our jaws dropped, it was gorgeous. There were so many activities to choose from. We didn't have time to fit them all in so we picked as many as we could. We wanted to take full advantage. We spent time at the pool and lazy river in between clouds, played volleyball, canoed down the river, relaxed in the hot springs, shot skeet, ate some fancy dinners, and even enjoyed a few drinks and dancing. All in all there wasn't much time for resting, I missed my babies like crazy, but we had the most amazing time with good friends. It was a perfect little getaway filled with memories.
The Beautiful Lobby

The back view out to the pool and golf course


Getting ready to leave for our canoe ride

Happy Birthday Girl!

Fancy Dinner #2

Are you ready for a little Skeet Shooting?!?!






Needless to say we couldn't get home fast enough on Sunday and I squeezed my little beans like crazy when I walked in the door. It melted my heart how excited they were to see us!

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