Wednesday, September 19, 2012

7 Months Old!

How did this happen??? How are my babies 7 months old already? They've almost been in the world as long as they were in my belly.

A: I’m guessing somewhere around 13-14 pounds. A few weeks ago at their 6 month check up she was 12 pounds 5 ounces
 G: I’m guessing somewhere around 14 -15 pounds. A few weeks ago at their 6 month check up he was 13 pounds 7 ounces
A: ? G: ?
Clothing size- at 7 months Avery is finally wearing 0-3 month clothes. Every now and then I squeeze her in some newborn jammies. Grayson is definitely out of the newborn clothes and solidly wearing his  0-3 month clothes.

Size 1’s for both babies

Still nursing when I'm home. My pumped milk supply is pretty much gone other than what I pump while I'm at work so the babies are getting about 2-3 bottles of formula a day. They are still drinking around 5-6 ounces. We've begun baby food! Their very first food was banana and they LOVED it. So far I have made all of their food in my Baby Breeza food maker. It makes making baby food so simple and fun. So far they have had apple, banana, pear, avocado, green beans, peas, and their absolute favorite sweet potato. They get to have baby food once in the morning and one at dinner time. Avery is pro at eating baby food. She opens her mouth as wide as can be as soon as the spoon starts coming her way. Grayon's on the other hand is a mess. He doesn't really open his mouth but wants the food oh so bad and tried shoveling it in with me unless I hold his hands while trying to feed him. Before we finish he usually has food all over his face, hair, clothes and high chair. It's quite the site to see. I'm just happy I have two very good little eaters on my hands.

Avery's are smokey blue and the hair she has is dark like her daddy's. It will be awhile before she has enough hair for bows!
Grayson's eyes are a slightly brighter blue. His hair is much lighter. He's my little blondie. He has a lot more hair than his sister at this point.
The babies are still napping for a short time in the morning, a longer nap in the afternoon and occasionally a quick snooze around dinner time. Lately though, they have decided not to take very long afternoon naps (especially Avery). They go to sleep for the night between 7:30-8:00pm depending on their fussiness. They are still sleeping until around 5 am most mornings, they nurse, and then go back to sleep until approximately 8:00-9:00am now that their bellies are full of milk and baby food. I am SO hoping this continues...

A: Avery is still quite the happy baby. She grins from ear to ear 24-7. Her personality is going to be so much fun to watch as she grows. She isn't talking quite as much as her brother but let's out coos of excitement every now and then. She's also not as ticklish as her brother but giggles for us when she feels like it. She is so into everything happening around her. She watches the dog, people, anything that catches her attention. I can tell she is taking it all in. I think this is part of the reason she has decided she doesn't want to nap as long in the afternoon. She is one busy little girl and doesn't really cuddle with me as much as her brother does...such a girl!

G: Grayson is my sweet, sensitive, loving little boy. He is very different from his sister and has been since the get go. He still enjoys cuddling with me and I love that! He will still fall asleep on me if we ever get the chance. I take full advantage when I can because soon enough he will be too busy for this I'm sure. His favorite thing right now is playing in the exersaucer that he can stand up in. He gets so incredibly excited and bounces all around screaming and cooing. I love the sounds in our house these days! Grayson is so ticklish behind his ears, under his arms, and at his thighs. If you get him in those spots get ready for the cutest little giggles on earth.
Fun Stuff-

The babies are almost pros at sitting up. If you sit anything around them they can hang for awhile otherwise they still tend to tip after a few seconds. Avery can roll and roll and roll from side to side. One day when I sat her on her playmat in her bedroom I came back to find her at her doorway almost out of her room! Grayson can roll both ways but tends to only roll one way and then back to the other. I am so not ready for these babies to be mobile just yet! I sure hope they aren't early walkers. They've always loved to be held in the standing position which is why I knew they would probably stand holding on to things at an early age. They can already kind of do this. I can't let go but their strong little legs stiffen and they grab on to whatever is in front of them to hold them selves up.  They have also become so much more interested in each other. They reach for each other and look at each other. They even smile at each other. I cannot wait for their bond to grow and to see more interaction between them.

The babies got to see their first redskins game recently and it was even a win! I love dressing them up in their East Carolina outfits on Saturday's and their Redskins outfits on Sunday's. This just may be the uniform in our house for the next few months.

For now we are doing our best to enjoy each and every moment with our babies. What more could we ask for?

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