Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sunday Kevin and I were given tickets to the Skins game. We had such a great time. The rain held off, we got a little tailgating in, saw kick off and enjoyed actually seeing a entire game (babyless).Too bad we lost at the very end of the game :( Nothing beats being in that stadium and hearing the roar of all those Washingtonians.

We even made it in for kick off!

The unfortunate part of the day was leaving our babies in the care of Ravens fans...because this is what happens
GRRR...Aunt Rosie, Shawn and Andrew will never get to babysit again. Our driveway was enclosed with a Ravens banner, our mailbox was covered with a Ravens flag, our house and babies (that were wearing Skins gear before we left) were covered in Ravens gear (UGH)!

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