Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Picture dump and baby update

So much changes from day to day in our house right now that I figured I better not wait until the next monthly update.

Both Avery and Grayson LOVE to eat. So far they have eaten everything I've made them which includes, avocado, peas, green beans, carrots, apple, pear, banana, mashed potato and by far their absolute favorite sweet potatoes. I literally cannot shovel it in their mouths fast enough. They get so mad when I take too long or go from one baby to the other, especially Avery. You know it's taking to long when her grunting begins. Grayson started out not really sure on the concept of swallowing baby food. More would come back out than would make it down. He would then throw his hands across his face faster than I could clean it up which in turn placed his food in every crevice possible. To say this boy was a mess is an understatement. Avery on the other hand opened wide, swallowed it all and barely had any food on her mouth let alone the high chair, her face, hair, arms, bib, etc unlike her brother. It's incredible to see how very different these two sweet babies are already. They are each their own little spirit and I love all their similarities as well as differences.

Both babies are doing a great job at sitting up. I wouldn't quite say they are solid sitters but we are now able to set them down with pillows and toys around. They usually sit un-assisted for a bit before toppling to the side, although they don't seem to mind it and quickly turn themselves to their belly and start playing. I love, love, love this stage. It's so nice to be able to place them somewhere and have them remain entertained for a while before they get fussy and are ready for something new. Between playing on the floor, LOVING their exersaucer and johnny jump up, sitting in highchairs, and enjoying play time on the floor in their bedroom life has gotten a bit easier for this mama.

Another new accomplishment in our house is babbling, cooing, jibberish, and the set of lungs Grayson has discovered. Avery is quiet but loves to coo, babble and especially loves to grunt. Grayson on the other hand is our verbal baby. He is constantly "talking" and letting out all kinds of noises. When he wants something or is over something he sure can scream at the top of his lungs. He want to be sure we really know what he wants :)

Life sure is crazy but we are enjoying every single moment!

Avery's grunting face when I was taking too long with her next bite of sweet potato

I love this video of Avery's verbal skills. Half the time she was moving her mouth but nothing was coming out. It made me laugh!

My little bat baby getting ready for Halloween.

My sweet little girl always sleeps on her side.

And my sweet lil man is always laid out flat but usually turns and lays flat on his belly.

Love this picture of daddy and Grayson working in the yard (multi-tasking much?)

Mom and Dad came up for another visit. I love watching them with the babies.

Lil man has so much hair on top we decided that day he looked cute with a lil mohawk

And who doesn't love (and have) a cute shot of babies in a pampers box.

I am SO afraid I will have mobile babies before I know it. Grayson somehow managed to scoot himself under his crib.

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