Sunday, October 21, 2012

8 Months Old!

A: Is almost 15 pounds per our scale at home
G: Is almost 16 pounds per our scale at home

A: 30 inches
G: 31 1/2 inches
Clothing size- Grayson is definitely into 3-6 months and can only squeeze in a few of his 0-3 month clothes. Avery is just moving into 3-6 month clothes and can still wear most of her 0-3 month clothes.
Size 1’s for both babies. I have a feeling by the next monthly post they will be in 2's.

Still nursing when I'm home. Our huge freezer supply I had created while at home with the babies is officially gone but I am still pumping when at work. So the babies get a combination of me and good ol formula. They are LOVING baby food. I am still making just about everything they eat. When we are out and about they eat the pouch baby food because it's easier. So far they have had (and LOVE) pear, banana, apple, kiwi, honey dew, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, mashed potatoes, spinach, zucchini, carrots, and avocado.

Avery's are turning a bit hazel. They actually have blue and all kinds of other crazy colors in them. She is finally beginning to grow some hair and it is dark like her daddy's.
Grayson's eyes have remained blue. His hair is much lighter. He's my little blondie. He has a lot more hair than his sister at this point and it's super cute and fuzzy!

The babies are still napping for a short time in the morning, a longer nap in the afternoon and occasionally a quick snooze around dinner time. Lately though, they have decided not to take very long afternoon naps (especially Avery). They have also decided  that some days they don't necessarily like to nap at the same time which has made this mamas life a bit more hectic but we are trying to get back in sync. They go to sleep for the night at 7:30pm. I am getting them up to nurse before I leave on work days but when I don't work they sleep till around 7-8am without any feedings! We've made it to the 12-13 hour sleeping mark! They've actually been doing this for awhile now. They are AMAZING sleepers and I am SO thankful for this.

Avery is still my smiley, super happy baby girl. Contrary to what I had thought she is my quieter child at this point. She makes noises but not nearly as often or loud as her brother. She loves saying "dadadada". I've tried to get her to say mama but it seems dada has won this one. She does the funniest thing sometimes when "talking". She moves her mouth as if she is babbling or talking but nothing comes out. Her favorite thing is jumping in the johnny jump up. She can spin, swing and jump forever! She hates missing out on anything and always observes everything that is going on.
Grayson has found his voice. He can scream louder than I ever thought possible (happy and mad screams). He giggles and talks all the time. When I lay him in the swing there is a mirror above him that he will look through and just start giggling at himself. We love watching this! His favorite thing is still playing in his exersaucer. He loves anything in the shape of a ball. I'm working on getting him to say mama before he says dada. We'll see ;-)

Fun Stuff-
Both babies are doing really well at sitting up. Grayson can scoot backwards when on his belly and both babies can kind of roll to whatever they want to get to near by when on the floor. I am loving this stage because they really enjoy playing and can sit on the floor with their toys but aren't mobile yet. I have a feeling we will have to baby proof very soon. They interact with each other all the time now, playing on the floor, in their high chairs, etc. They have their own little personalities and the most entertaining expressions imaginable. They love outside time with daddy. He will bring their swing and exersaucer outside and they are in absolute heaven!

Yet again, another month has passed a I so desperately wish I could slow down time. I cannot believe they have been out in this world longer than they were in my belly. We are loving EVERY minute spent with our beans and can't wait to get back to them when we are away. I'm not really sure what filled our days before they arrived because life is absolutely perfect now that we have them in it!

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