Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maryland Renaissance Festival

We had the best time taking the babies to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this past weekend. It's located about 5 minutes from us so we knew we had to take the babies with us this year. We learned first hand how much more exciting events like this will be now that we get to enjoy them through our little ones eyes. We met about 8 of our friends up there took off to see all that there was to see. The babies got to watch jousting, daddy throwing knives, dunking the winch, and sling shot. We drank some apple cider beer (yumm) while the babies enjoyed their bottle. Oh and the food is amazing. It's like the state fair. We ate steak on stake, corn on the cob, chicken skewers and so much more. We were a bit overstuffed before we managed to make it out of there.

It was a great fall afternoon spent as a family. I love these moments!

How cute are these two little munchkins?!?!

Hangin out in their stroller taking it all in!

Yes, my daughter is already braver than I am!

Love my family to the moon and back!

Moments like this melt my heart...SO excited when daddy put him on his shoulders.

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