Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall/ Halloween Festivities

This year we had a blast experiencing all the fun to be had at Fall Festivals and Halloween parties. I was pretty excited to see Avery and Grayson really took part in trick or treating. Our only problem was that they tried taking handfuls rather than one piece. None the less, they understood the concept of walking up to the door, picking candy out of a bucket, and then placing it in their buckets.
We heard about a really neat place in Thurmont, Maryland that would be fun for the kids and adults. Our friends Shane and Reece joined us on our trip to Lawyers Farm.
Kevin had fun shooting pumpkins from a cannon at metal sculptures
Avery and Grayson enjoyed the kids play area and running around in the maze
All three kids riding together.
Running through the maze
Grayson loved throwing hay all over the place.
Little buddies Avery and Reece.
Grayson took the ladies for a ride :)
Later that same weekend we met up with our friends the Leichs and Schoens for our annual trip to Homestead Gardens.
Avery loved riding the pony.
A little harder to get the kids to sit and look at the camera this year.
Actual Halloween was so much fun with our pig and cow!
 Avery the pig
Grayson the cow.
Going for it all :)
Running to the next house with excitement.
"Don't you dare try and take away my candy Mom!"
Halloween with my kiddos
 The day after Halloween we had our playgroup friends over for a Halloween party.
This shows how much fun it is to try and get 5 babies/toddlers to pose for a picture.
Ryan the super hero, Grayson the cow, Brenner, Avery the pig, and Reece the ladybug.

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