Thursday, October 17, 2013

Showering Kennedy

Last weekend the family loaded up and took a trip to Charlotte, NC to visit our very good friends the Crawfords. We absolutely love the chance to spend any time with them we can. This trip was centered around throwing a baby shower for Anna and her baby girl on the way Kennedy. We were fortunate to make it a long weekend so we could fit in everything Anna had planned for us.
First and foremost Avery got her ears pierced. I went back and forth on when to do this. After talking to lots of moms I decided it was the time and of course Anna insisted on taking her. She cried for a few seconds before receiving her very first lollipop which immediately ceased the tears and put a smile on her face. She has done remarkably well and doesn't even touch them or whine when I clean them. I am beyond impressed with how brave my little girl seems to be.

Watching her clean everything to get prepared...

Brave girl barely even shed a tear! first lollipop!

Brave girl...

Next up was Miss Kennedy's baby shower that I threw for Anna along with her sister in law Mandy. The venue was so chic and Anna was beaming as we spoiled her and baby Kennedy with lots of family, friends, good food, and presents :) We cannot wait for the arrival of that sweet baby girl!
The rest of the weekend was spent going on our very first visit to Krispy Kreme, visiting a pumpkin patch, pedicures, cooking, lounging, and enjoying each others company. We had an incredible time with the Crawfords as usual and hated when it was time to leave. We would have way too much fun if we lived any closer :)
Courtney stuck around for the afternoon to enjoy a nice relaxing pedicure with Anna and I

Somehow I knew Krispy Kreme would be a hit for these two!

My absolute favorite picture of these two!

Off to the pumpkin patch with three little ones in tow...
Avery almost missed out by sleeping through the first half of the our trip to the farm.
He looks way to big in this picture...





Pumpkin Painting!

Someone really got into it...

Until next time!


  1. Was searching for a GF's blog and came across yours. Enjoyed reading and had to laugh when I came to the post about debating whether or not to pierce your dd's ears now. I had the same dilemma with daddy at 13 mos old

    when I cut our dd's hair short for the hot summers months. Afterwards, she looked soO different with short hair. When he saw her, he said was too tomboyish and wanted her to have pierced ears so she would look more like "daddy's little girl." Admittedly, like you, I wasn’t 100% sure. Clearly, he liked the idea of his little girl getting earrings. How could I refuse? I told him I would ask our ped if this was a good time to do it.

    I was surprised when our ped encouraged me to have it done when mommy could care for them and not remember having them done. At 13 mos she was clueless and it was very easy to do. Our ped gave some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced since she had so moms ask her about it. They how to find the right person and even the type of earrings to chose.Still unsure, I held a pair of my studs up to her ears in front of the mirror. She smiled and that began he
    process of guiding me to go ahead and follow our ped's recommendation. In addition, I began seeing other babies and little girls with earrings and realized how cute they were with little ears. After I cut her hair, and piercing her ears, she begain acting more girly girl. I don't know why, but she begain seeing herself with short hair like mine wanting to look like mommy:) I realized she wanted to embrace her femininity and I loved it.

    I think you were a smart mommy for discussing it with other moms and finally taking her to have them pierced. She is adorable with the bow in her hair, short hair and cute sparkly earrings!

    If any moms are on the fence and want some info from our ped, then drop me an e-mail.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's always good to her positive encouragement from other mom's out there. Thanks!