Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Renaissance Festival

This was the second year we've brought Avery and Grayson to the Renaissance Festival but their first to truly experience it. Last year we just strolled them around and we had the fun. This year was SO much better because they were able to enjoy and take part in all the fun activities at the festival. It was oddly warm for October but that didn't stop us. They rode an elephant, ate LOTS of yummy food including their very own ice ball, got their face/arm painted, rode ponies, and went down a really big slide. They were absolutely exhausted and completely dirty by the time we left. I don't think any of us were able to stay up too late that night.
The frozen ice inside a orange peel may have been their favorite part. We got them one to split and you would have thought I had just hurt my child when I tried to get him to share it and give his sister a turn to taste it. I quickly decided to spend $3 more dollars so they could each have their own. They were in pure heaven...

Avery was holding on for dear life to let us know no one could take her ice away.

He was saying 'YUM' in this shot

Happy boy
Picking out what they wanted painted.
Grayson had a dragon painted on his arm.
Avery had a unicorn painted on her face.

The whole family rode the elephant.

Grayson loved the elephants.

...and playing games with Daddy.

Fun with Suz on the slide (just a little bit scared).
Yeah...pretty messy by the time we left. But I'd say they had a little bit of fun!

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