Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's time for another catch up post...

Wow! So my last blog post was in April. Needless to say we’ve had a pretty eventful few months. I had many intentions to update the blog in May and would get started but never finished. So, I’ve decided to attempt a catch up of May, June, and the first half of July. Get ready…

Avery and Grayson are almost 2 and a half! They pretty much remind us of this daily with their two year old attitudes. Avery learned to use the word no when she does not get her way, but not just your casual no. She somehow learned that she needs to scream NO, point her finger at you and make the stink face. Hmmm…not sure this one’s quite working out for her. Grayson on the other hand learned that if he does not get his way he should all out lose control of his body, slam to the ground and begin screaming at an octave I didn’t even know was possible for a two year old. I’m pretty sure that not really working out for him either. Between the two of them they have definitely tested our patience over the last few months. However, we are beginning to see improvements by re-directing and trying to figure out the source of frustration. As hard as these attitudes can be on our patience it’s all worth it with the incredible new things they seem to be interested in every day. Avery and Grayson are beginning to love pretend play with each other. They also love games, reading books, singing the ABC’s, Skinna Marinky Dinky Dink, Let It Go, and most of all playing outside. Grayson continues to love anything that has to do with balls, trains, trucks or getting dirty. Avery continues to love her baby dolls, anything pink, playing on her ‘cell phone’, and anything else girly she can find. She has definitely become quite the sassy little girl. They talk a mile a minute and will carry on entire full sentence conversations. I think that is the biggest change in the last few months. They truly interact as one. They check to see if each other is okay if one of them gets hurt or is upset. They yell at each other, they fight, they hold hands, and they love to hug each other. They do not go anywhere without each other and they melt our hearts on the daily. Sometimes I wonder how we will ever put them in separate rooms.

In May we decided it was time to move them to their toddler beds. The transition went fairly well. The first week they didn’t even try to get out of their beds. I’m not sure if they didn’t realize they could get out of bed or just didn’t realize how fun it was to get out of bed. Once they figured it out we had about a week of struggle trying to explain they could not get out of bed during nap time or bedtime. Every now and then through the monitor we see one of them start to get up and as soon as we tell them to get back in bed they dive for their bed and act like they weren’t doing a thing. It’s kind of cute! The best part is listening to them talk to each other at night when they first lay down. There have been a few nights we’ve found one of them asleep on the floor but overall they are toddler bed champs!

Here goes the last few months in pictures…

One of our many, many trips to NC.

Stopped off at Aunt Lois' to have Tea :) Happy girl!

Such a boy!

Time out times two happens often these days! Get me through the terrible two's please.

Why his daddy needed to teach him this so soon I do not know?!

They got to go fishing one night with daddy!

McKenna's 3rd birthday!

Hanging with our buddy Grady!

New big girl bed!

 Pure love!
Holding baby Lyla!

 Florida Georgia Line concert
the girls :)
My other sister...

Date night with my handsome hubby!

Date with my girl!


Ice cream at White Lake

Too much fun without me ;-)
Happy 4th!
 My girl loves some crabs just like her mommy!

Love this sweetness...

Sleeping on the boat.


Aunt Devin brought them to the fountain fun next to my office....


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