Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

We had planned to spend Easter weekend at Kevin's dads beach house in Oak Island, NC until a few things re-routed our plans to Winston Salem. The first thing is that Kevin's brother was in a motor cycle accident. He is doing a lot better now but broke both of his legs pretty bad and got a residual infection that took weeks to get under control. In the midst of all of that his dad and step mom found out their beach house had flooded. The hot water heater on the top floor busted and had been spraying throughout the house for weeks. They have an incredible amount of damage but thankfully everyone is doing better and the house has lot of contractors fixing it up like new.
An added bonus in changing our location of Easter weekend meant that we got to see the Crawfords. Anna's sweet baby girl is 5 months old and I had not met her. When we found out we were changing plans we decided to make a surprise day trip to see them. Anna was beyond surprised and it was so much fun to watch how much fun Avery and Grayson had with Colson and all of his fun toys. I was especially happy to spend some quality time with Anna and the most adorable, well behaved baby girl Kennedy.
We went to the park and happened upon an Easter celebration. We ended up with a bunny, a choo choo train, and a tiger!
Another bonus was that we got to see Gigi all weekend long. She helped Avery and Grayson decorate their Easter cookies.
It's crazy to think two short years ago Avery and Grayson fit in these buckets.
This was the first year they understood (sort of) that the Easter bunny came and brought them some goodies. Avery was pretty excited with all of her special surprises.
Grayson and Uncle Austin opened his surprises together.
A&G made these sweet cards and a bird house for Nana.
This was their first Easter egg hunt.
 I cannot get over how cute their little sunglasses are.
Off they went on the big Easter egg hunt...
Found one!
Miss A had to stop after each egg to check and see what was inside of them. She's a lover of all things chocolate!
It was so much fun this year watching how much fun Avery and Grayson had hunting Easter eggs.
They decorated their very own eggs for the first time.
 Happy Easter!

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