Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March & April 2014

Avery and Grayson, work, life, you name it and it is keeping us busy! I will recap our last couple of months through pictures...
 Avery and Grayson got to meet their buddy Lyla for the very first time at a play date we had with Amy, Lyla, Becca and Ryan. We can't wait for more of these!
 We got a few visits with Suz and Nette in the past few weeks. Avery and Grayson love every minutes with them and especially reading books!
For St. Patrick's Day daddy made green Mickey pancakes. Needless to say there were two very happy little ones in our house that morning.
Could this be any cuter?!?! All three of my babies on St. Patrick's Day looking out the window at daddy.
We took a family bike ride to Severna Park to watch our cousin Jag's lacrosse game.
 It's kind of hard to tell but this is a picture of Kevin reading their favorite book before bed. You shine a flashlight at the pages and it displays the projection on the wall when the lights are off. Of course an awesome present like this came from Aunt Devin!
This one is ALL girl! I guess I should start looking into dance classes in the near future. She also calls herself a princess (see video below). Not really sure where she learned that but it's pretty cute!
Grayson loves spaghetti!
She put Kevin's work boots on and proceeded to tell me..."See ya Mama. I go to work". Really?!?!
At the end of March Becca and I took a girls road trip to Wrightsville Beach where we spent the entire weekend with our favorite girls in celebration of two Xi babies on the way. Our friend Mandy is having a baby in May and Claire is due about one week after her in June. We threw two baby showers in two days, I got to see my high school BFF Brittanie and her adorable kiddos, and I spent lots of quality time with some of my very dearest friends.
I guess this is what happens when potty training is in full force...
Kevin and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on April 2nd. April also marked 10 years together! By FAR the best 10 years of my life with this handsome, loving man. I cannot wait for many more.
Avery and Grayson decided their daddy plays corn hole so much they needed their own set. Grayson is pretty good at it already. Avery decided it was more important to put the bean bags in the nifty bag that came with them.
Tea/ice cream party by Grayson!
Suzanne's class hatched baby chicks and she invited us to come see them. We got a VIP visit with these little cuties. Needless to say Avery and Grayson had so much fun with them and all of the other neat things in Suz's classroom.
 Kevin and I were able to escape on our first solo overnight trip since A & G were born for a late anniversary getaway. We went up to Shepherdstown, WV. The night we arrived we attended an Oyster Roast and Wine/Champagne tasting. The next morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed, a run, a bike ride and lunch before heading back home to our little beans.
 We had an incredible time and realized we need to try and do things like that a little more often when we can :)
Yes, my son is sitting in the compartment of daddy's cycle (aka- moped).
Our old neighbors brought A & G this AWESOME hand me down Barbie Jeep. We've had lots of fun with this already. I'm just trying to teach Avery to sit down while driving and how to use a steering wheel.
Never a dull moment in our house during potty training. Yeah, turned around and found this! Sweet cheeks :)
...and this!
We got to enjoy a picnic dinner at daddy's softball game.
We enjoyed breakfast on the beach!
We are so excited for toes in the sand...even if we are in sweats.
I finally got to spend the day with these fun girls!
Avery and Grayson took their first boat ride of the season and LOVED it!
Avery has been going pee pee on the potty so frequently that she earned her first ever movie. Of course it was Frozen and she is now obsessed like many other little girls with the songs, "Let it Go" and "Build a Snowman". This is Avery's rendition of "Snowman" when I put her down for a nap the other day.

We've had a very busy couple of months but I don't see it slowing down anytime soon...

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