Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We are officially on the move!

I kept saying Grayson was so close to crawling but little did I know how very close he was. I guess I just didn’t realize they go from not getting it to getting it in a moment’s time and it’s all over from there. Grayson had been getting up on all fours and doing the rocking motion until he laid out flat for weeks now. Well, last night (1/14/13) Kevin and I were getting the babies ready for bed after their bath time. We both looked at Grayson and noticed this time he was up on all fours and was shakily moving his hands forward as though he wanted to crawl and or get to one of his toys. Kevin decides he’s going to get some reinforcements and encourage this. He grabbed a few mini graham crackers (Grayson’s favorite) and placed them just beyond Grayson’s reach. Sure enough he put it together and crawled to the graham cracker. I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t believe Kevin was using graham crackers to entice our son. He is now crawling to anything and everything he wants. He’s a little wobbly but on the go none the less. I have a feeling walking isn’t too far into our future either. He can easily pull himself up on things such as the coffee table ottoman, his high chair, toys, or anything that isn’t too tall for his reach. He can even go from one thing to another if he can reach for it and it doesn’t require steps. Watch our world, our boy is on the loose! Avery will stand and hold onto things but currently doesn’t have an interest in pulling herself up or even trying to get up on all fours to begin crawling. She is perfectly content sitting back and watching her brother get into all of the mischief.

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