Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Babies First Christmas...a little late

Yet again I am way behind on blogging what the babies have been up to.   We had a very eventful couple of weeks surrounding Christmas. We were fortunate in that we got to see lots of family and friends over the holidays. We kicked off Christmas Eve by heading to the Fishers where we picked up Aunt Devin from the airport. We got to stay for dinner and the babies met Jeff and Gina for the very first time! We headed home so as not to be late for Santa. Later that night my parents (Nana and Granddady) arrived. We had a house full with Kevin, the babies, me, Devin, mom, dad and the two pups but it was nice and cozy.  Thankfully our basement renovations were complete just in time. Kevin, Devin, and I eagerly began our first Christmas Eve of putting toys together for the babies. Aunt Devin spoiled them with cozy coup cars, which actually require a lot more piecing together than I had expected. Once we were done and the tree was full we all tucked away in bed in anticipation of the babies first Christmas. It was probably one of the last few Christmas’ where we didn’t have to be up at the crack of dawn but we were all so excited to start the babies first Christmas that we woke pretty early. In sum the babies had a very special day. They loved their cozy coup cars, boxes, paper and ribbons. They didn’t care quite as much about each gift but we had expected that and didn’t get them very much anyways. We stayed in our PJs all day and enjoyed spending the day together.
Devin stayed with us for two weeks, one of which was spent stuck at home as we were all sick. Mom and dad could only stay a couple of days due to work. Kevin’s dad and step mom (Poppy and Nana) had a wedding to attend over New Year’s up in Pennsylvania so they stopped off in Annapolis to spend a day with us. We had a nice dinner out and met them for breakfast the next morning before they were off to the wedding.  

We had a nice, quiet New Year’s Eve spent at the house. Devin was sick and little did we realize, Kevin, the babies and I were all beginning to come down with it too. Our friends Chris and Brooke came over to enjoy a few appetizers and drinks. The next morning I thought I couldn’t handle a couple of glasses of wine when in reality I wasn’t hung over, it was the beginning of the death sickness.  I tried denying it was the flu as the babies and I had the flu shot. Little did I know there was a horrible strain going around that the flu shot did not protect against. We had horrible fevers, chills, pains, coughs, you name it and we had it. I’d  have to say this was one of the worst ‘sicknesses’ I’ve ever had. Feeling awful while trying to care for two babies who also feel miserable made for a rough couple of days. It took well over a week for this nasty germ to leave our house. My poor sister comes to visit and we can barely leave the house for almost a week. As soon as we started feeling better we tried to get out and do a few fun things.
Sure enough two weeks passed way too quickly and we had to take her to the airport and say goodbye. It never gets easier saying goodbye. We always miss her so much. I literally go through a mini depression when she leaves. She helps me SO much with the babies and we just have the best time. The good thing is this time we don’t have to say goodbye for too long as she booked a flight to come back for the babies first birthday! We couldn’t be more excited. For now we are headed back to work and we have a new nanny starting with us.

Babies First Snow!

Santa butts!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2013!

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