Tuesday, January 22, 2013

11 months...REALLY?!?!

Here I am again posting about another month that has passed us. I cannot believe that I am posting about my little beans 11th month! None the less, here's where we are...

There's clearly no shortage of personality and tempers in the Hatcher home

A: ?
G: ?
I’ve got to weigh the babies. I have no idea but I would assume we are nearing or just over the 20 pound mark. Kevin and I were also wondering if Avery has surpassed her brother. She has a bit more of a belly but he is a lot taller…we shall see?


A: ?
G: ?

Clothing size- They are both still wearing 6-12 months. They fit best in the clothes from places that make 9 month sizes.

Still wearing size 2’s but should probably move to size 3 very soon.

It’s bittersweet but I have officially ended nursing my sweet little beans. I’m pretty sure that I cared more about giving it up than they did. They didn’t exactly have the attention span for it the last few weeks. I had planned on trying to nurse for at least 3 months and made it so my next goal was 6 months. I made that and figured I would try for 9 months and made it just past 10 months. All in all I feel so fortunate that I had that special time with my little ones. But it’s time to say good bye to the twins nursing pillow…hopefully for good!

They have cut back a bit on the ounces they drink from a bottle. I am assuming that is because they are eating so much more food these days. I have amazing little eaters and am so thankful for that. You name it, they eat it. One of the new meats they tried this month is venison. They love it! However, they are primarily eating fruits, veggies, cheese, and beans,. We don’t give them a ton of meat. They also had ravioli and mac n cheese for the first. They LOVE both. I don’t think they will be lactose intolerant like their daddy. They continue to love their puffs but also got to taste animal crackers, alphabet cookies and goldfish for the first time this past month.  


Eyes are still the same. Grayson's hair is continuing to get longer and longer. The mullet is getting closer every day J Avery's hair is just long enough in the front that I can use a little mini pony tail holder/rubber band with a bow.


We all got the flu the first week in January which set us back a little on sleep habits, but we are finally back in the groove. They still go to sleep around 7:30 most nights and wake between 6:30-7:30. Grayson is always awake about an hour before his sister. They take about a two hour nap in the mornings and an hour and a half to two hour nap in the afternoon.

Grayson is a mess these days. He loves to laugh and giggle. He even fake laughs sometime because he knows he will get a reaction out of us. He is still my cuddly little man that needs his mommy for a few minutes when he wakes up before he’s ready to play. This month he has decided to get into everything. He knows when he shouldn’t be doing something because he’ll look up at you like he’s not doing anything. We’re in for it with this one.

Avery is my sweet little girl that sits back and watches her brother get into trouble. She knows what she wants and has begun to let out a little screech when she wants something and can’t get to it or doesn’t want something. She’s not as cuddly as her brother but sure is sweet as can be. She continues to give the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. Any where we go that’s the comment we get about her…what a smile!

Both babies are talking more and more every day. They definitely know what they’re saying. Whenever they do something they shouldn’t be and I try to scold them they look up and laugh or smile. It’s as if they think me being stern is funny or something. I guess I need a little more practice with that.

Fun Stuff-
The biggest milestone we reached this month was going mobile. Grayson officially began crawling on the 14th of January. It only took him a day to figure out he could get into EVERYTHING. We have to be super careful. I’m a little behind because I just ordered cabinet locks as he spent Sunday opening every cabinet in our kitchen. Even with all the added precautions seeing him crawl is so much fun. He also pulls up on anything and everything to a standing position. It’s only a matter of time until his balance improves and he’s walking.

Avery on the other hand has absolutely no interest in crawling whatsoever. She sees her brother crawl but could care less. When we place her on her belly and help her to the position she gets mad and flattens to the ground. I think this little girl might skip crawling and go straight to walking…when she so chooses. She seems to have a bit of my personality in her as I did not walk until 18 months. She is almost pulling up on her own but will stand and hold on to things if you put her up against something such as the ottoman coffee table.

The beans got lots of fun Christmas toys. They love their play table, musical instruments, little tykes cars, anything that makes noise. Grayson is exceptional at pulling anything down and making a mess.

Avery loves anything that plays music. She began dancing this month. She bobs her head no matter where we are when she hears music. Even if it is quiet background music, as soon as she hears it her head starts bobbing. She often bounces her arms up and down as well.

Both babies will high five and Avery has begun to wave when she feels like it. We are still working on waving and our sign language. I can’t wait until they will sign back. They definitely understand what I’m signing to them at this point.

It’s been quite a busy month with lots of firsts and new experiences. We also had out new nanny Carla start this month. She has been wonderful and we are so happy to have her. She is from Brazil and has been speaking some Portuguese to the babies!

I am knee deep in planning the babies first birthday but it’s all bittersweet. I absolutely cannot believe that my nest post will be about my one year olds. I don’t think I prepared for that. I’ve been looking back at their month by month pictures and it is amazing to see how incredibly tiny and fragile they were and now how active and outgoing they are. I wouldn’t change a thing but I sure do wish I could slow down time just a tad.

Stay tuned for everything Thing One and Thing Two

I don't like when mommy makes me sit down

Uh oh! Watch out mommy...don't look away!

I don't want to sit down :(

Personalities are a MESS!

Love these sweet cheeks

And 'the look' begins

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