Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend!

Let me start by saying I had the best weekend EVER! My sister has never been to a bachellorette party let alone planned one and she pulled it of with an AMAZING weekend to say the least. The picture above is of the house we stayed in. There were a few of us that got there on Thursday night (Me, Dev, Suzanne, Anna, Celeste and Molly) and the rest came in at varying times on Friday (Lindsay, Kathleen, Amy, Ren, Emily, Claire, Erin, and Tiffany) . We stayed at a ski in/ ski out cabin in McHenry, Maryland. The resort WISP is located there. Friday the weather was crazy. It started with a rain storm and incredible winds and thus made for pretty slushy and horrible conditions to ski/snowboard in. Against our wishes we decided not to take the risk and we stayed in. Anna scooped me up and took me to the Spa. I chose the deep tissue massage and she chose the prenatal massage. I can honestly say it was the best massage I've ever had! I will certainly be going back for a massage the next time I'm there :) When we returned from the massage it was snowing...a beautiful powdery snow. A few of us grabbed some mimosas and jumped in the hot tub while we watched the huge flakes come down. The weekend had only just begun and was turning out to be such an incredible weekend. While we were outside a few of the ladies set up all the fun decorations. We cooked spaghetti for dinner and then spent the night playing games while everyone arrived.

The next morning we cooked an awesome breakfast and then my sister and I hit the slopes. I had never been snowboarding with my sister so it was a real treat to have the morning with her. She is so much better at snowboarding than I am but we still had a blast just the two of us.
We decided to head in for lunch so we could hang with the girls for a bit. After lunch we hit the slopes again to make a few more runs, this time Emily came with us.

Once we returned we jumped straight into the hot tub with the ladies that stayed back. Then it was time to shower and get ourselves ready for a fun night out at the local mountain bars (haha). The girls made really yummy fondue and chicken kabobs for dinner. They wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. Next up was present and game time. My awesome friends showered me with lingerie gifts of all types. I even got a special pair with my wedding date and MRS. HATCHER printed on it as well as two coffee mugs that say Mrs. Hatcher and Mr. Hatcher. I just loved them all! My friends are way too good to me. Next we began the trivia game. Claire got in touch with Kevin a few weeks back and asked him to answer a bunch of questions about himself, us and a few other things. Then she read them out loud and I was to try and guess what his answer was before she would read what he actually answered. We were in sync for almost all of them...I was pretty excited about that! I'll post the questions/answers soon.

After the game we took off for the bars to begin our ladies night out. We were only able to find one bar open and it was quite the hole in the wall bar. So, needless to say when 14 cute girls walked in those boys couldn't believe it! There was a great band and lots of dancing going on. I was so sad when the night was over because the next morning we had to get up early to get back in time for my sister and Anna's flights.

Below is a recap of pictures from the weekend. I was so sad when the weekend was over...I had been looking forward to this weekend with all of my girls (high school, college, and family) for a long time. How often is it that you get to have all those groups together at one time? Hopefully we will make it back there for another fun girls trip sometime.

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