Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 days until I officially become Mrs. Kevin Hatcher :)

It's almost that time...the one I've been waiting for quite awhile now. The time seemed to pass so slowly for so long and now it is just days away. I cannot believe it. We have the car packed, our suitcases packed, and we are ready to hit the road to Wilmington this afternoon. We can't wait to get the festivities rolling. We have a lot to get done between the time we get down there tonight and Friday morning but we are so ready! The car is packed tightly with all kinds of wedding items from floor to ceiling. We barely found room to fit Ellie even with renting a Yukon for the weekend. I've loved just about every minute of this engagement and planning for this wedding. A few minor things that mean nothing to us now attempted to pull us down throughout the process. But through those minor setbacks we learned how true the saying, "everything happens for a reason" is. We could not be more excited about the venue we chose and how beautiful it has become. We never could have imagined the result when we first went to see it. It was our only option at the time, but now one that is simply breathtaking. In fact, we love every vendor we chose. Each one of them has brought such an amazing aspect to our wedding. I cannot wait to see it all come together. So much work from so many people has gone into this day and I am so excited to get down that aisle, say our vows, and finally call Kevin my husband!

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